How to do a new years event right

Meanwhile at Pokemon Masters, you get a shit ton of the premium currency for logging in daily.
Not to mention they gave 2020 gems as a bonus.

Guess what Scopely does?
Locks 2020 coins behind a 1% chance.


Pokémon masters gives great rewards.
Last year there was a compensation of 6000 gems, many good log in events…

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Just quit this money grab. Scopely doesn’t appreciate you.

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I was thinking of getting this game, how is it and how does it play? Im a fan of the og pokemons like red/blue, not a fan at all of like pokemon go. I like the rpg of the og pokemon


At the beginning it is a little bit confusing, but it makes fun and you get enough gems for several pulls :slight_smile:

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Couldn’t agree more. Meanwhile we collect gold bars (probably over collecting at this point) for a toon we know nothing about and may not even want.

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I have this sneaky suspicion they are offering us the other toon we didn’t get, but can’t fully figure it out in their programming. Meaning if you chose Christa, you going to get James this time… And vice versa.

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Interesting theory. I wouldn’t mind that tbh

I used to think all app companies sucked but then I started playing Pokemon Masters and its so fun. Log in rewards and non-P2P content that is grindable. I’ve been playing less of RTS and much more of PM lately especially because most of the co-op events can be fun since different people use different Pokemon for each stage.