How to deflate a mood/ problem with the event calendar

So I image I wasn’t alone in earlier this week seeing the event calendar change from a faction level up, to a solo level up with a faction raid. Ok I thought we are loosing the faction level up, but at least we get a faction raid. and then I thought about it some more, and you know what I was pretty excited by a faction raid, it has been quite a while, I have 50 raid can’s I was happy to burn through for my faction, actually this could be quite fun.

Then this morning I see the rewards. I am not in a top faction, I wont get first place even with these bad rewards I know which faction will get first on my region. I know second place will go to one of 2 other factions, the other of those will get 3rd. these guys can’t help themselves they have to do it for pride after all this time.

That leaves the best my faction can really hope for as 4th place, that is 1k 5* tokens and some gear we can grind when we get the now regular gear maps. the milestones have the 3rd slot on almost all tiers empty (or might as well be with the only things there being radios). No wonder the data shows a lack of participation in faction events when these are the rewards we are offered, oh well my plans changed for the weekend now I have seen this.

The worst think about this, If I can be bothered to score more than about 10k on the solo level up I will finish top 500 that is about 2 minutes work, and I will get better rewards than I would for throwing hours and all my cans at the faction event.


i get the rewards are shit but you cant be bitter and say that the top factions will do it for the pride. there is a reason why they are on top - mainly the fact that they are far more active than other players and the fact that they are competetive players. Want to place 1-3? get all your team mates to spend 50 cans they have been stashing for so long like you have and Im sure you will be somewhere between 1-3 spot.

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The best thing about a Faction raid is that it is the one faction competition that a lower ranked faction can win. Level ups go to the factions with the most 5 and 6* toons which have been gained by previous success, SR is pay to win at the top end as we don’t get enough cans through supply depot, war rewards and daily rewards and wars are won by the best teams with the best weapons. Raids are won by the most active factions, it is the most level event of all. Aim for the top three and in any event get noticed by the top three factions by hitting the top milestone.


True, but a new/ low level player will only get 15 points per raid, whereas a level 125 player is getting 22+. Faction events aren’t as much of a leveller as they once were.

That’s right and realistically I am thinking more about the factions ranked 4-10 which I think was relevant to the OP. A new player is also unlikely to have collected the cans required so it isn’t entirely level - just more level than the other events and within the grasp of a faction that usually comes in the top ten.

You are right, and I didn’t mean to sound bitter as I am not bitter about them always being first, I am not willing to put the effort in on weekends, I grind all week but I like to do things at weekends so wont ever be in a top faction as they care far to much about wars. I wasn’t trying to have a go at those factions but at the abysmal rewards that will put off anybody from even trying.

Realistically even if we all used our can’s these teams would spend to beat us anyway, but honestly the first place rewards aren’t worth my time or effort. I can get better rewards by putting in minimal effort into the level up, If I finish top 100 in that I get better rewards than the first place faction does for far more effort.

I am a pretty active competitive player, I just have lots of stuff to do at weekends, I am raids rank 53 (on a region that has been going for more than 2 years) and always leave up a drop leader except during wars and don’t ghost, so could easily get into a top faction if I was willing to sacrifice more time at the weekend.

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You are right, it is one that we have been waiting for and saving cans for a long time to try to win, I can’t even remember when we last had a faction raid, but having seen the rewards all of that grinding and saving raid can’s has been for nothing as it isn’t worth putting in the effort to even try to dethrone one of the top factions.

See my other reply, I could get into the top factions and have turned them down, as I can’t commit to spending enough time in wars to keep them happy, I have had a visiting weekend when I had nothing to do when I went up for one war weekend, but I can’t do that regularly so am happy sitting in my more relaxed faction waiting for a faction raid so we can organise and be competitive and then it isn’t worth it, hence my disappointment at these rewards

Faction raid is about “how many can do you have?” wkwkwk

I’d say its about cans and time. there were many times when, based on the amount of cans, I could have gone for the 1st in solo raid, but the sheer amount of time required for that is just ridiculous. Id much prefer a 24 hour period of 24 hourly flash raid tourneys.

yeah I know what you mean, I went for a solo raid once, 2 days of solid raiding about 150-200 can’s used and I finished 6th, back when only the top 5 got good rewards turns out I needed a turn 1 team to be able to raid quicker than I was to finish any higher. it was gutting I have never even thought about it since. I do like the idea of flash raid tournaments. I think I might have even taken a day off work, to think of the effort I have put into this game at times makes me hate myself a bit.

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That sucks. I won a couple early on, only took about 600 raids, but that probably wouldn’t get top 10 now

yeah i never even seriously considered going for solo raid. too much effort required compared to the payout

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