How to create an account in a specific region?

Hi! I started to play because of a friend of mine. I would like to join him in his region (Irwin). However, my account was created in another region (York).

In my settings, I can’t see any regions at all. So I’m not able to transfer, or create a new account. I don’t care if I have to start over, I just want to go to another region.

I already contacted support regarding this matter. And frankly, I still do not have a real answer. There are regions that are hidden (I get that) and they show me a topic where the region I want to go to, is mentioned as ‘open for inbound and outbound’. So I don’t see any reason at all why I shouldn’t be able to create an account in that specific region…

Does anybody knows how I can create a new account in a specific region? Without having that option ingame.

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My significant other had this problem when he caved and started playing the game. Do you know what I did?

As he was at like level 6 I in no way said “wtf are you talking about? That can’t be right. Scopely never have any little bugs in their game. You must have misunderstood. Give me that…” and in no way ripped the phone from his hand and then when he turned out not to be talking rubbish after all, I calmly deleted the game and reinstalled it. And it worked the second load around. He got to go to another region after the enforced tutorial.

This only works if you don’t have any regions that you need to keep. And I suggest asking nicely for the phone and waiting for someone to hand it to you with a smile. And the look of love in their eye. Lol.

Actually, i’m also talking about my significant other. :wink: He has been playing for over two years. Thought it was a nice idea to start playing too. His reactionair was the same as yours by the way. “No, its not true! Give me your phone!”

Thanks, I’m going to uninstall. Hopefully that will do the trick.

Just don’t get your hopes up that the game isn’t still full of bugs once you get to Irwin.

Although you will bond over “what scopely have done now” and maybe war opponents. I definitely see him in a different light now. Lol

Keep on surviving :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Didn’t work. :frowning::frowning::frowning: My iPad continues with my current account and no other region. I create a new account on my phone… and ended in York. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I really don’t get why I am not allowed to go to Irwin. It’s open.

Just keep messaging support and ask them to open your regions and to move you to Irwin. You have to keep hounding them. Took me a solid while.

I can send some more. Already talked to at least 5 different people… :laughing: It’s worth another shot.

Meanwhile, I love to near other suggestions!

Other suggestion is to play and level your account and it may unlock other options.

This topic keeps getting brought up. Scopely really needs to figure this out. If players want to join to be with their friends they should have the option to start in that region assuming it is open for transfers. Instead of giving players the runaround where they basically have to beg before they get help, they should have the option to join friends.

But devil’s advocate, they don’t want new players to start in a well developed region and end up quitting because they are too far behind, from that standpoint it is safer to put them in a newer, more sheltered region. But why not let the players have options to select regions.

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Settings region And Join region

I have not a single region mentioned there. Only York.

Then play in the region your on and complete the tutorial

I’m stubborn. :wink: And I’m going to quit anyways if I can’t switch regions, so tomato tomato…

They closed all new regions for an opposite reason. Veteran players were region hopping to new regions and dominating. Newer players weren’t getting a fair chance. This is the drawback.

I’m already lvl 13… I don’t think my progress is the reason I can’t switch. Especially because there is not a single other region I can go to… I tried a new account on my phone and with my new account I ended in York as well.

I definitely get that, but that’s besides my point. New players should have more regions accessible than just one. It seems every week there is a new thread identical to this where someone wants to join their friend and they can’t and support gives them no support.

That sucks sorry man

Look on the bright side the games isn’t that great anyway


Cant imagine it isn’t. Had a fight or two in the past years because of the play time of the earlier mentioned significant other. :wink:

Ok, so if I understand correctly, I’m basicly screwed.

I really understand all the reason they have for closing the region and I know there are several topics regarding the account transfer, but I couldn’t find any specific on creating a new account in a specific region. I don’t care if I have to start over. But appearantly I have no other option than harassing support.

Thanks Guys!