How to contact @kalishane

The system won’t allow me to send her a message as I am too new.


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Have to say her name 3 times bro


Shes not Beatle juice.

Yes you can’t message her when you are new.

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@kalishane I’m new on here and can’t message you directly. I have 2 issues with tapjoy. I completed 2 offers over 3 months ago now that I’ve sent MULTIPLE emails to them about with no response. I did the Gillette shave and ebates offer, both which I spent money on, both worth over 2k coins and never received them. Can you email me please at to help me with this please!?


Wish i knew shes ignored my pms it seems

I sent mine like a month ago

Anyone know how long you have to wait before you can send messages?

She answers my pm’s frequently and in a timely fashion

I am also too new to send messages. I was wondering how long you have to wait until you can.

it may have to do with your number of posts. Not entirely sure though

Thank you! I did see something about earning badges, but I was hoping there was a time limit. I’d rather read than post…

Here you go. Once you get to trust level 1, you will be able to pm people

Awesome. I appreciate it! :slight_smile:

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What response did you get from them? Did you check your spam?

I am not sure if you’re asking me, but I tried to send a pm and it would not allow me. It doesn’t seem that hard to get out of Trust Level 0 though. I would have been at a higher trust level if I had created an account, instead of reading the posts as a guest. xD

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