How to complete new event missions

Just wondering because I haven’t read anything about this yet, so how do you complete the missions using 6*'s AR if you do not have those characters?
What are they going to start selling them? Is that the plan on how this event is going to go purchase to play?

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Faction support counts. If you got lucky factionmates or ones who buy luck it won’t be too bad. For the rest of us though…


So another event you need to faction hop to complete?
Just wondering where you read faction members who have these characters counts towards your count of uses?
Only wondering because I have 0 of these characters and faction hopping sucks.

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Draft mode in Arena would work, and hopefully they run the Jiafeng roadmap again for some people.

Haven’t seen Elena in the draft mode though, hopefully am wrong there.

A group of active players should have most of the other toons. So when you run maps, loan the toons from your faction mates, that counts towards the total.

I was thinking maybe that would be a way also but you’d have to have RNG luck to get the pick of them.

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Faction helpers.

Personally I thought a little bit more description was needed for Hershel and yukimo, what with there being more than one of them in the game and all. It was teaching the stage where you need to be a nerd to know which toon was being referred to.

I have Ryker and Hershel but I aren’t going too ascend him at all

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