How to collect toons from training grounds if ur roster is full and beyond the capacity

My roster was full and has been since 1994 lol… so I tried to max out a training ground and then research legendary training , i put multiple trainings at once and when i collect it still shows that my roster is full even when training is still in process.
I understand about collecting when training grounds r not training but scopely shud give us a choice to atleast get some toon if training is in process… why do they have to b so against their own players
I know people must have faced this already… it’s just I wasted so much time and was excited that this trick might work … so it was my individual feelings that outbreak today lol… I wasn’t expecting this to happen tho
There is literally no way for f2p to get any toons for lvling up … plus shortage on league tokens is driving me crazy… ah I hope we get some solution to these shortage of gear and trainers

Why would collecting from training grounds that are still training be any different than collecting from ones that aren’t active? It still requires space in your roster for toons to go into. I’m confused.

On the one hand I do agree that roster space is an issue. But on the other I feel like no matter how much roster space they give us there would still be hoarders complaining they don’t have enough.

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That’s why I thought maybe it might work ,who knows lol … but it didn’t which I was very much aware of but there was smth inside taht pushed me to try this … and ofc when u fail u feel bad

Level some toons up,

You do know that you can train more Toons even if your Roster is full, right? If not, here’s a Guide for you.

Step 1: Select Train

Step 2: Close this Annoying Window with the ‘X’

Step 3: Profit… I mean the ability to train

Of course there is a way use crap to level… solved.

Clear out your roster. This is one problem I don’t have. When you start ascending 6* your roster depletes pretty damn fast.

тут был вопрос в другом. Почему пока идет обучение на площадке, персонажей можно добавлять. А когда обучение закончено и ты не смог всех забрать, добавить на эту площадку еще уже не можешь…

there was another question. Why while training is on-site, characters can be added. And when the training is completed and you could not take everyone, you can’t add to this site …

Why ask Scopely for a problem thats is 100% yours? Your roster is full? Do you even tried to clear? You don’t play level up? If you have any 3*, 4*, 5* fighters sell them right now on depot or use them to level S class, problem solved :+1:

Are you using the X trick by chance?
When you’re full training and have to collect you can hit the X in the upper corner and the training will pop back up so you can keep adding to training ground even if you’re full.

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