How to change payment option from Google pay to PayPal, any geek?

When I choose payment it automatiquely log me into Google I have no other options, anyone knows how I can fix that?

can you change the payment method in the google play settings where it says add credit_debit card there should also be an option to add paypal

They don’t give me options idk y

habe you removed all payment methods 1st ? thays all I can offer sorry if it’s no help

Best advice would be to stop after remove all payment methods

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When you first click something to buy it lists what you’re buying, then payment method with an arrow beside it and a button to confirm buy. Click on the arrow if you have PayPal added to your account already it will be on the list otherwise near the bottom is an option to add paypal

When I click that it only show my card, no add options, only add credit or debit card

Think PayPal counts as a credit card?

Open the Play store. Hamburger menu in the top left, Payment methods, Add PayPal.

Add PayPal option doesn’t excist

Try or install the PayPal app and add it via the PayPal app.

Ah. It’s a location thing.
“Available payment methods vary by country”

My card is already linked to PayPal still other options doesn’t shows up

It’s a location thing. There’s no option to use PayPal as a Google Play payment method in your country.

We have PayPal in Europe but OK thank’s

Doesn’t matter if you have PayPal there. What matters is if Google accepts PayPal as a payment method in your country.

Click on this link from my post above.

Pick your country. Is PayPal listed as an available payment method?

Can’t tell from that screenshot which country you picked shrug

Cus want to stay anonymous? Thank’s for the help

I get that, but there’s no point posting the pic then because it doesn’t prove anything. You’ll have to contact Google for help, it doesn’t look like we can help you here, sorry.