How to calculate the damage?

Help, I can not find where how to calculate the damage? What formula is it calculated for?


@LadyGeek mayby u know?

The exact formula for damage is not shared by the developers. If you search the forums for posts by @Trout he has a good calculator that was spot-on for 5* stat ranges. I don’t know how well it fits 6* stat ranges.

Has it been confirmed that thier is a dmg amplify when attach lower star groups. I tested out 5 star modded vs 6s unmodded they had defualt weapon and matched perfectly attack power. Yet he 5s came in 300 damages less attack 6s vs the other 6s

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From the developers themselves. Stars do not matter, only the actual stats.

You can’t compare unmodded 6* with modded 5* even if their modified attack is the same because once you add in weapon and lead skill the resulting attack stats are different.


How the base dmg modifier scales is what we don’t know. I’ve tried alot of maths to figure it out but could never get it to properly match their scaling.

i’m more curious about how crit rate is calculated. i keep getting wiped out by the dang zombies.

does anybody know how it’s calculated? the crit rate that is.


Happy to look at your roster and help you with zombie teams. You know how to craft really good, cheap crit weapons?

If you find out let me know since the numbers are all wack and don’t add up lol Math anyone?

Decreasing marginal returns.

We know it’s (atk/def* base) * 100% +/- 8%

The base is harder to figure it out.

I tried alot of common rpg dmg scaling formulas and couldn’t get it to match. Tricky tricky maths.

I also was not willing to agrigate a ton of data. Just showed the a/d was indeed a predictable scaler across the spectrum of defense strength.

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I’ll try an update tomorrow for the 6* world… So many damn variables now

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I was Seanofthedead on the old forums and came up with the basic calc. One of the devs here mentioned that there are exponents involved and I’m not sure how to fit that in

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Yeah this is what makes maths hard. Many many possibilities.

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this is the best zombie team i can assemble.
anna has the item drop and the +24 crit for fast trait
maggie has revive in case i get touched by the walkers
the other 3 have crit ar

all the weapons have been crafted, they all have “extra crit if enemy hp more than 60%”

i don’t get far with this team, but this is the best zombie team i can get at this moment.

Substitute both Alert Connors(and Sophia if you don’t have another Fast Crit buffer) out for Fast characters, even if they’re 4*s. You’ll want to utilize Annie’s Crit bonus always.

Crit buffs from ARs can’t stack on each other, so it’ll be redundant to have multiple crit buffers as long as you can keep 1 set of buff on at most times.

You seem like a new player, so it’s currently harder for you to build a good zombie team. Play more and it’ll be easier when you get better characters/weapons specifically for zombies.

the way i looked at it is that, with crit boost ar, it’s more than the 24crit by annie, so i kept the girl and the two guys. i keep 3 of them, so when one crit boost wears off, i can start another boost, while the toon rests and regain ap.

but if i can’t fill the ap gauge in the first wave, i usually end up dead…

Exactly the point I’m trying to make. Without crit buffs from Connor or Sophia, you have 3 characters that are at a disadvantage when it comes to landing crits, since you’re using Annie lead. Even right now, having 3 characters with crit buffs is redundant, as 2 is enough.

Not to mention, since crit is operating on a decreasing marginal returns curve, more crit you have makes each individual crit point less effective. So having a full or mostly partial team with the 24 Crit from Annie(not including weapons) should be more effective at all times than running 3 crit buffers with no benefits from leader skill.

To put it simply:
5 Fast characters behind Annie lead and crit weapons will almost always be more effective than 2 Fast characters behind Annie lead and crit weapons, and 3 non-Fast characters crit buffers.

In regards to crit being less effective, 50 Crit(hypothetical numbers), operate at around 45% Crit chance. Around 70 Crit, it’s maybe 55% Crit chance. Around 100 Crit, it’s around 65% Crit chance. Crit doesn’t operate on a 1:1 ratio, but on a decreasing marginal returns ratio.

ok, i’ll try that. i hope it works, because i really want to get my hands on those elite gears.