How to bridge the gap

One of the main demands made by the #playersunite movement is that the gap between F2P, mid-level spenders and whales is bridged. If the majority of players cannot be competitive, the game is not fun for anyone. Not for those who have to watch their team fail time after time nor for those who can just auto against their opponent in a few seconds. That’s not a challenge. Furthermore, without F2P, there wouldn’t be a game. All types of player rely on one another equally. So, how do Scopely address this so we don’t all just throw in the towel entirely, while they maximise their revenue? Currently, for small spenders, there is little incentive to open their wallets. The only access we have to really decent toons is through the premium wheel, and everyone knows the odds are so poor that unless you’re prepared to lay down a lot of money, there’s no point just paying for a single pull.

Here’s what I suggest.

  1. Bring back toons as rewards for solo tourneys.
    For me this is most important. I consider myself a mid-level spender (playing for 3 years, prestige 12). However, I remember coming 5th in a raid tourney quite soon after I started playing (maybe 5 months) by saving a shed load of cans up, and winning Norma. Although I was small fry at the time, I did buy a few extra cans near the end to secure my position. Make 6 month old premiers the top 7 rewards, like they used to be. Nobody is suggesting they should be anything newer than that, but the likes of Harper, blue Carl, Lydia or even Ajax can make a huge difference to a low-level spender’s roster. It will also reignite their interest in the game. The rewards now are so bad, nobody cares (therefore nobody pays) for a podium finish. The milestones are better than the actual rewards…

  2. Improve war rewards.
    Everyone should get a shot at a good toon for war. The current wheel is shockingly bad. Improve the rewards and more people will pay for cans/insta reps. This way, even F2P will get a good toon eventually.

  3. Exclusive ascendables for completing roadmaps.
    Remember when Scopely used to do roadmaps where you could earn a 5*? Yeah. They should do that again. Make them tough (but not ridiculous). Give everyone one free shot, with the opportunity to use a team mate’s support toon. Fail once and pay a small fee to have another crack.

  4. More legacy toons.
    Scopely should be releasing at least one per month. Obviously they shouldn’t be the same level of OP as the premiums, but they should be viable. The number of unascneded 5s I have in my roster probably equals the number of 6 I have. And I have PLENTY of medals and fodder. It’s just I know I’ll never use them.

  5. The chance to ‘win’ premium pulls.
    Some kind of event where players are able to make a free 5/10 pull for completing some tough challenges. No need to add anything there.

This is just a few ideas off the top of my head. Please feel free to add any other suggestions.


to point 3 there is one event currently running.

No! Any examples other than the current event?

I think they were talking about 4 stars, such as:
Red Richard
Blue Gregory
Red Mark
Greg Fairbanks

Did I miss one?

4 stars are blah, no need to bring those back haha

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Didn’t see: stop releasing new tiers of Premium toons


There was a blue Glenn. But point taken about the current roadmaps. Even so, the toons available are so bad they’re not useful to anyone.

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Molly! She was a game changer at the time. Nearly couldn’t complete that roadmap


Those maps wer awesomeness and really felt like I earned something special
for me it was the chuck map I couldn’t beat lmao

Also great suggestions Lucai.

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These were great roadmaps back in the day. Bringing them back would be a boon

I like the idea, but it would widen the gap much more, because only the p2w factions would get those toons. Right now 10-15M is normal for a level up with no special rewards. If there were good rewards, it would instantly go up to 20-25M. Impossible to reach for f2p


This is true actually. And if it was a decent toon p2p would have no issues in dropping $$ to win.

For the 1st point change solo to faction and you’ll close that gap a hell of a lot quicker giving a toon to thirty instead of just one.

Fixed that for you. Giving each member of the top faction another toon and no toon for the f2p and mild spenders won’t close the gap. Think before you write!

Yeah I saw that , poster also said TOP 7, top three is already set in stone, 4/5//6/7 are not. Let me add to the advice you gave me, you should read and THINK.

But those faction in rank 4-7 are always the same and they are payer factions too. It would not help the f2p

It’s true… with the gap as wide as it is, top players breeze through while the rest of us struggle (cough-- Pete S Map – Cough)

Scopes continues to paint itself into corners by not seperating the top players into their own world

Anyone remember when you could get crates with either tokens or a toon as a LU reward? Top1 would get a guaranteed 6*, top2/3 a 5* and the rest would get crates with chances at an ascendable 5*. Back then even a 500th place would have a chance to get an ascendable toon. I’m not saying they should start giving out Zachs and Negans but some toons F2P players may make a use of

Well it’s not true that top players just breeze thru. They also have to fight each other and that’s not easy too.
Good F2p players don’t need to pay to beat other teams of their spending level. But maybe it makes sense that a 10$ attack team has difficulty beating a $3000 def team. I dunno

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On top of #3 regarding RMs they need to bring back farmable RM when it came to gear. Yeah we can farm current maps, but you could the same gear over and over you don’t need. At least back during the 5* era we knew what levels to hit to get goggles, briefcases etc.