How to beat 50 boss battles easy

Bout to a tier 6 to slave though 50 boss battles which will take an infinity amount of years to do
Well stop right there havnt you just thought
To do a t1… Get to the first stage boss rember there is only 1 stage boss on a tier 1 at random
And just atk stage boss with 1* yes you lose againt boss but it still counts as a battle
T1 is also cheap af and has unlimited time. So once you done it just wait about 10 mins max for negan to go down and you won’t have to worry about that mission again


Smartass! 555200_536727366360714_1386372726_n

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It’s for any hits against humans, if you do tier 6 allow everyone get get a small hit then finish it you should easily get 50


Attempting t6 when you new to the game is like attempting the dark souls boss naked

Lol fair enough. If you’re a new faction you could always get your people to do mini hits on one of the human stages, should be able to get 50 hits fairly quickly and there’s still quite a few days to complete it

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