How to balance between F2P and P2W


At first release a F2P Toon
Then release a P2W Toon that can easily defeat that F2P Toon

Otherwise it won’t make any sense.

But giving P2W Players an OP Toon and after that for the F2P Players a Toon with ordinary stats just like “yeah with that Toon you can somehow defeat that P2W Toon”

I mean we’re all gladful that a lot of us don’t have to spent any money but how the toons gonna get released is just I don’t know… Crap?


Are you thinking your f2p toon should be as strong?


No, I just a think that Toon should be released first

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Balance? Here? och boi i dont thinks so.

Scopely only care about $$$$$


There are players who have literally spent 50k on this game. I think they deserve an advantage.


How to balance the game?

It’s beyond repair.

Just wait for the games 4th year anniversary when they rest the game again with 7*’s here in a couple months because they don’t know what balance is.

They just know what money is and how stupid…eerrrr I mean rich these whales will be to spend on a single 100% healer that gives 100%def with 100% extra hp to one person with three specialist traits of parting shot/tenacity/life steal. Oh man it’s gonna be great Harlan on steroids.


I still say duels will solve some problems. People must not use duels to help them u gotta practice with what u got or have been given


I think any player that has spent 50k on this game deserves much more then an advantage. … they deserve an intervention! :grin:


Haha yea that too. But I don’t see the big deal. You get stomped by players who spend. So what? The game is still enjoyable.


Player: We need balance.
Scopely: Have another premier toon.


It’s like noob dik and #### bish


Honestly have a harder time facing f2p teams then p2p. P2p we know what to expect facing. There’s gonna be a shield (at least 1), at least 1 revive, then some additional healers. F2p is a better mix and far more creative most of the time.


I think there’s actually decent balance at the moment. Sure doc and double Zach teams are nutty but they have true F2P counters if you are patient. Not to mention we recently had a very easily obtainable F2P Michelle which is arguably the best leader in the game. We recently also had F2P Charlie (100% taunt) in league and now we are getting a F2P league decap. I am astonished that people are upset about this. They literally hand build us a killer, meta relevant F2P roster, and people complain? Personally I think scopely has made a great toon that anyone can obtain.


becouse we still dont have disarms and Attack leaders. Decaps, shields or guardians, revives i dont care about those they dont improve gameplay at this time of meta.


An advantage is deserved. But not invincibility. Gonna quote myself.


Isn’t Michelle an attack leader?


for me not a very good since dont have good alert attacking toons


Ah I see, so you have a good attack lead just not the lead you want, I think that’s what people pay money for, so they get exactly what they want. Otherwise you need to work hard and get creative.


im very creative

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As if you’d get exactly what you want when you give Scopely any money. lol. This is the main issue with this game.

You usually don’t get what you want and if you get what you want, you usually do not know how much it will cost you beforehand.