How to avoid top opponents in war

Scopely have to find a better design or programming for these match making. These teams are consistently trying find loop holes in this game with many holes. Some factions especially the foreign one are running low lvl alts as general to avoid being match top factions.


Agreed. Absolutely absurd. This is the definition of exploiting.


Pointed out last time:

Oldman provided screenshot proof:

Requested a fix:

@GR.Scopely escalated it to the team:

Result: crickets, SSDD.


Once again, I’m absolutely confused as to why people do this. Is it just to get good rewards or so they actually feel like there accomplishing something?

Well it’s better than alternating between VV, TTT and WAO


Winning is fun. It’s like being in a Wave 3 region I guess, except you’re Wave 1.

Its was funnier when we face everyone in crw. Now crw should be we face 1-6 but mainly 1-2 . At least for us. It’s cool the competition but boring after 3 days of facing the same people over and over.

Another problem that the completely thoughtless introduction of Sclass brought. The algorithm strongly uses team grade. With most players having 2 Sclass at most, and top factions full squads (+ Vet rings), and the ridiculous increase in stats and therefore team grade, of course matchups are going to be barely varied.

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that’s happening in my group as well , group 2, 1A
A lot of Mayhem

This faction is highly suspect, most are p11 or barely p12, they all joined on exactky the same day, yesterday , including this s15, looks like one that slipped through the net…

they been able to avoid TtT, VV and we havent face them at all. I’m in Wao

All of em should get the axe for that, that’s no accident

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War just isn’t fun anymore and when you add whales trying to gimp the system for easier matches well that’s just pathetic.


And mayhem is whats left of vktory…i hope the trash gets cleaned again.

Working as intended


Last war I started a long thread, listing as many issues with war as I could think of. Towards the end, this exact issue was brought up and @GR.Scopely responded that they were “Looking into it.” Well fast forward to this war and it didn’t take long, second war, that my faction currently ranked around 100 was matched up against a number 6 russian faction using this exact exploit. Glad to see something was done 0_o

Edit: Just matched up against Assasin.S from Jones (RU) doing exact same crap. FFS Scopely, do something!

Nice tactic vs VV & TTT :clap:

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You may be surprised but various factions have been doing it for YEARS now. Literally.

And technically they are not doing anything wrong. Just “opportunists”.

I mean if the system is supposed to bend you over, you don’t have to automatically agree.
I may also try to outsmart it.


Take the fun out of the game. When factions trying do things legit. We cant compete since we cant match them. They avoid all top factions and get points easy and fast.

That’s their way of playing. Someone spends to get the points easy and fast, right? These guys play with 2-3 phones each and have to be ingame nonstop for 48 hours. Its not as “easy” as you may think.

PS. I think that rewards in a mobile app are defo not worth such an effort.