How to Avoid Not Getting Event Characters (TL;DR)


Now that the Dwight event has run its course, I think it’s a good idea to discuss what can be done on our (the players) side to try and avoid scenarios which result in coming to within sight of the finish line, only to not get there. I am in no way saying anyone should or shouldn’t be upset by their respective outcomes, and am not making this post to place any semblance of blame anywhere. I intend for it to be purely constructive, and to create dialogue among the people who play this game, whether they’re Patient Zero, or Patient Yesterday. Games are meant to be enjoyed, in whatever manner a player chooses, and seeing how pissed people are over not getting Dwight, I want to do my part to ensure that if and when an event like this one happens again, the fewest amount of people are upset as possible.

The suggestions listed below are purely that, and contain some of the lessons I’ve learned having played this game for over 2 years.

With all this in mind here goes:

ALWAYS go big when an event starts. Any event. Every event. Zero energy roadmap is a prime example. This does not mean exhaust all resources, as I think that’s the worst idea. Inertia is real, and starting from 0 is one of the toughest things to do in this game. Instead, farm the do-do out of roadmaps which drop items, complete any and all (realistic) milestones which grant collection items (keeping in mind that the exhaustion of resources should be a no-no), and take note of when and how items are made available.

Using the Dwight event as an example: We got a roadmap for 600 barbed wire/vests. The remaining 400 of each item were going to be available via

  1. roadmaps
  2. competitive events, i.e., tournaments
  3. the shop
  4. some combination of 1-3
    (This info is usually communicated via an inbox message)

My advice for these possibilities is to never expect the easiest path, so don’t count on 1. When you see 2, look at the total amount possible from the potential rewards, and add that to what was “given.” If the total is still less than the requirement, you can be assured that there will be more tournaments giving these items as rewards, or they’ll be in the shop at some point. It’s important to keep track of the time left in the event to gauge what might be a reasonable amount of tournaments which could occur before the event’s conclusion. I have to concede that there’s enough of a precedent with events centered around character acquisition (Michonne head notwithstanding) that immediately assuming 3 will be the only way to finish them is naive, so expect to have to perform to a similar level in upcoming tournaments, and assume that the rewards will be at best what they were in the first tournament in which they appeared. This should set the tone for how to strategize for the duration of the event.

Expect to have to bust your ass in one way or another, and to roll your eyes at least a few times in order to get a chance at the outcome you want. The sequence of lvl ups to get items for the Dwight collection was extremely boring, but was necessary to the degree that if you didn’t at least attempt to partake in them, you had no shot at Dwight.

Ask yourself at the beginning, “What am I willing to do to guarantee I get the prize, and what will I do if I don’t?” In the LE Negan event, I decided right from the start that I was going to get him, knowing full well it would probably require spending. Low and behold, I had to spend to get the Michonne head, but that was what I was willing to do, and I was glad to have gotten the outcome I wanted. The answer to the second part of that question should be as close to “Not give a shit” as possible. This game is utterly dominated by RNG, and even when outcomes are not random, taking that into consideration can help alleviate a lot of frustration. No one is good or bad at luck.

By helping one another, we demonstrate that this community is unified, strong, capable of positivity, and the voice which needs to be listened to for the sake of the game we all love. I hope this thread achieves these ends. Thanks for reading.


Tried doing this, and failed. This community is definitely not unified or wants positivity due to things going on in the game, and ideas being ignored, so it’s best to stay on the darkside and let these people rant and express their frustrations as they please, or face being trolled and ridiculed with insults.

Keep in Surviving…

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The OP post is subjective but does have a point.

This event was focused not about getting the community involved in the game and boosting player numbers alone. It was a mix of purchasing and involvement.

Higher level players with resources will find it easier. Near the end the mile stones kept getting higher weeding out more and more players. To reach the end goal I would have been forced to purchase bags and items.

Als always communication between the game and players is a major problem. If player knew what was coming or had ideas it would have gone a bit smoother but then some may have not pushed knowing they could never make the end result.


Yep. This was 100 percent about trying to get F2P and new players to drop cash. Even these special events have turned into them trying to find ways to FORCE purchases, rather than finding ways to MOTIVATE people to purchase.

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