How this guy s20++

Keep telling you all, Red Hershal is a beast :stuck_out_tongue:

Lmfao 7 chars

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prestige 9 :joy::joy::joy:


Looks legit lol


That faction is a know hacker faction. Bunch got banned.

Been grinding hard at the game, see hard work pays off lmao :joy:


Fought them earlier that player put up like 20k in 5 mins lol

gives @Rickygrimes a band-aid

Ru, that should about sum it up , sorry legit bros but my region was paired with a few ru regions this crw and to say there isn’t shenanigans in play would be madness


Those russian hackers are up to something.

I guess all the recent suspensions made the devs feel like they did something before War huh? Yet they can let an S20++ slip through the net without a ban. Another case in point which demonstrates arbitrary enforcements and that they simply don’t know what they’re doing


Yeah they will try to mess with elections. Players Council.

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That’s not the most interesting part. It’s the fact the Scopely already had coded ranks up to S20++. Speaks volumes of upcoming s class promos.

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How people can spend money on this game when this goes on is beyond me.


WAIT. So its possible to go past S10. WHAT IF WE HAVE S30 D:

Pretty sure some road maps have over s10 and if they have to code a rank for nightmare sr teams I bet they’re s20+

Some roadmaps have s11 yes

Whole region is full of cheaters we just run into faction who was completely loaded with best and most recent premier toons NONE of them were above low prestige 10…

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My alliance been getting wrecked by this during this CRW