How the heck do we get orange quills?

I got one from Survivors Club and bought one but other than that how are we supposed to get them? Thanks!

You can win them in Arenas so far

Draft has one for 1st place right now

A map popped up after i used my red quill
Its strange, but there it was

Sc members get some for free now and then , have to be some kind of pattern

SC gets 1 per segment; there are 3 segments.

They need to be in more than just first place in arenas cause you have to collect alot of them

@Dolphins82 Yes Arenas will be the place to look for the Orange Quills.


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I have had a good search and there is no way to gain 12 orange quills in the 4 day segment. Why would you offer letters for this. Is there something I’m missing?

And yea and try and win with rng??? yea am good borefest event

You don’t need 12 orange quills, they’re only needed to claim letters that don’t drop for you

This segment I didn’t need any

That’s bogus if the only way to get then is to be first place in arenas with how bad the rng is for me I can barely get top 10 half the time

Appears to me that only the endurance mode arenas give them for 1st. So only 2 chances per week, and pretty much there for p2w, unless you’ve been hoarding tickets.

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