How the faction league works. While travelling


Someone said once you change faction
No matter long term or for a short moment

The faction league one participate will absorb by the new faction you join which affects the ranking.

Some said the opposite

So any official confirmation?

Thx in advance.


Stays with faction they were earned in.

They do not move.



So you mean once earned no matter individual travel back and forth won’t affect?

Yet what is the cycle of data update? Real-time? Every XXX minutes?


Pts earned while in faciton stay in the faction where they were earned and the time they were earned.


If you earn faction trophies in faction A, then leave to join faction B, then all faction trophies earned while in faction A stays in faction A. All trophies earned while in faction B stays in faction B.

Solo trophies are treated differently and travel with the player regardless the faction/region.


Thanks Professor Sly


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