How the "F" do you get past SR stun walkers?


So I noticed the 5.5k 5* tokens for completion of SR so I thought I’d make a decent effort to get them. However after a good effort getting this far, I’m stuck on stage 20 Elite I think it is, where it wants Greens to go up against stun walkers.

My question is, how the “F” do you defeat these buggers? I mean I know that at some point you just gotta throw all your roster at it, but I’ve done it, recovered some 5’s but I’m doomed from the start cause when 3 to 4 of my people get stunned it doesn’t matter what I do, they get smashed! And there is no way I’m wasting coins on it.

How the hell do you get past it, without spending?


I use a command character and OG Michonne wielding Ezekiel Precise Cane with crit special stat. Time your attacks and AR correctly and you get past it without any characters dying.


With that. Easy as pie.


Darlene the real MVP


Tied with Audrey imo. Audrey was an invaluable war prize as well. Remember those?


Og michonne Camouflage you until stun is over. Might need command to trigger her early


Go back to a stage you can pass without using AR, and use that to charge any and all ARs which will help you pass the walker stages giving you difficulty.


Check your roster like Audrey above she has recover from stun,impair, and bleed. If you don’t have Audrey and you have to use strong toons maybe look at 4s or even 3 to see if they have recover stun. Also camo chonne stalls them for 2 turns so using her rush buys time. Try and use characters that have a critical rush, 5* revive Siddique has critical for all teammates and he’s a revive 2 @75% health. Hope this helps :


Axel is a great example of an extremely valuable 4*. Guardian and he stuns. It’s all about the combo.


An alternative approach is to use any crit boost lead and 1* chars who benefit, along with crit weapons. At least at that point you are only potentially using 1 drug kit to rerun the stage.


That’s what I forgot to say if you have a guardian toon use it!! I use Darlene everyday. Also Im assuming u know this but should add also use a high critical leader (Larry or drop zeek as an example for steong ) use critical weapons that have critical in spot 1 and 3.


Yeah I have nothing with stun recover, nor do I have Ezekiel or any leader with crit boost. I have never been lucky with my Green toons, I only got Javier when they run they were giving him for tokens, and only just got that Gaurdian zeik recently and leveled him up.

Unless I pay I think I’ve run out of my chances to re-do this level. See what I can do, but I’ll be sure to try everything suggested.



You don’t have a 4* Fast Denise? 4* Molly? 4* Fast Siddiq? 4* Strong Michonne? You don’t necessarily need a 5* and those characters are obtainable via 4*/Prestige tokens.

Even if your team wipes, keep sending in other lower tier teams to clear out the walkers. (Eg: Crit leaders with 1*/2* characters to clear the waves. You don’t have to pay as there are many workarounds the stages.


Nope, not on the levels that require Strong toons. Plus there is ZERO hope for 2* toons on this level.


I never had luck with the 2* burn method myself. I am loaded on greens, but in all this time, lack a blue crit leader, so I feel your pain. The all blue stages are nearly impossible at the end.


Well, that’s why you gotta keep a deep roster. Even with 6s in the mix, some 4s can prove to be useful.

And as long as you give 2*s a crit weapon, like Lucille, they’re at least doing something by chopping down a few zombies before their death even without a crit lead. You’d be amazed at how far a team of trainers can go on some of the regular SR levels just with a crit weapon.


Yeah I reckon I’m at the end of my ropes, all 6*'s gone, all blues gone, not much left to fight with. I havent got a Blue crit leader either, I’ve only got a red crit leader…


Unfortunately I haven’t had the opportunity for a deep roster. Never had some of the really good 5’s before the 6’s were introduced, so what I have now is what I’ve always had.


I have an extensive roster. Scopely just says no blue crit for me. Lol


Use toons that cures from stun. There’s a lot of them. Tripp was a free character so you must have him at least.
The other thing to do is using low stars toons to kill the special ones.