How the f_dge are we four years into this game and still can't reliably tell if the opponents are walkers or humans?

I think the title is self explanatory…


I think the point of the x is so it’s unknown in certain stages… which gives a reasonable level of unpredictability to some stages which seems now like the least of our problems

@topher how about instead of c_nsoring profanity, you contribute to the discussion?

How the fudge :joy: Oh dear. Is it any wonder chatbot went haywire a few months back

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I’m fudging miffed for sure

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It’s not clear from the stages stats but if you read the dialogue from it it’s pretty much always clear what you’ll face

Yeah, it’s not really the story maps that are the issue. If I get the wrong team, I wait for energy to regen and try again. No big deal.

But the current Pete keys map is a great example, and the source of this rant. No dialogue to go off there

Becouse your 5 people team dont have a scout

Did you get hit with the surprise Priya at stage 3 as well? :sob: I took in my glass canon Dwight team and died a horrible death. I’ve written down the stage comps on a post-it now and it’s stuck on my laptop. Hopefully won’t happen again.


All stages with one team + battle items + faction support

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