How some of you raid so fast?

Ok, spending is one way, but i am wondering what kind of attack team top players run.
I appreciate if some can share their teams, trying to get an idea.


yellow meta attack takes 3 turns to all def…

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This is mine. Can beat most teams turn 3 except the triple revive double shield teams

A lot I see are camilla lead, 1 or 2 marlon rosie, kate and the remaining one is harper most of the time.

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So most defenses lol …


Wayland don’t forget wayland


Now a day’s yeah seems that way. Going to try andrea lead with sandy in there for the decap once they are maxed

I read something somewhere from one of the super factions that they can raid all eight camps in under 4 minutes. I would love to see some videos of these super fast raids myself… It may be a trade secret I dunno…

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someone in my faction was killing most teams in 20 seconds

Ive seen all yellow teams with 2 marlons and a bunch of ap weapons. On defense they rushed turn 2 without command so on offense they are probably really deadly

One toon… Alice.


Alice and shawn …ggs


Not attempting to use a “one-size fits all team”?

Seriously, the amount of people who stick with one team regardless of opposition is crazy.

I dont see him as much since at the high levels decap isnt that important since the strategy is based around high damage and speed. With or without decap, the revive toons on defense wont have time to rush.

I can beat any team with my one attack team i feel… failed about 4 attacks this war through rng and my whole team was tier 3

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And what team would they be

Alice and Dale and whatever other 3 you feel like but decap Alpha and Shawn do very well here.

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Not possible expect you sit in front of your computer and play the game through emulator.

Just my opinion.

Lol. Your opinion is wrong. Can be done in under 3 minutes. Without an emulator.


Works fine for me

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