How should fighters ascend?

Hi survivors!
I’ve been playing my way to survival for more than a month

I am looking for information on the correct way to promote my fighters, but the Chrome plugin does not allow me to translate this forum into Spanish.

I would like to know if when ascending a character I must eliminate the mod so as not to lose it or if they recover automatically when ascending the fighter.

I would also like to know if I should use improved fighters to get better results.

It will automatically remove modifications.

Eliminará tus modificaciones automáticamente

Also it does not matter if you use improved characters during ascendance

Además, no importa si usa caracteres mejorados

A few tips

Make sure you are playing with ACTIVE players so they can help explain things to you and help you grow.

Only a month in, you probably shouldn’t be messing around to much with ascending since you might not have enough toons or resources to do what you want.

But if you have an ascendible five star, you need to burn 8 other 5 stars with them just to get the 6 star ascended version. So think long and hard if you actually have 8 5 stars(Benedict counts too) that you can spare and don’t use at all.

It removes mods that you’ll find in your inventory after. :wink:
Improved or not, it doesn’t matter. You need 8 more toons as fodder, to be able to ascend one character.


In my faction we are only 3 members and we don’t talk to each other );

So far I have only ascend a 3 * fighter, but it is time to ascend 5 * and I wanted to clarify these things before continuing.

So, to improve a 5 * that can increase, I need 8 fighters without improving 5 stars.

If it’s a 5 * fighter who can’t ascend, would this create a new random 5 * fighter that ascends?

Nope. For a 5* to be ascended, he must be ascendable! This means it has to have the orange star under his “photo”. If it’s a non ascendable 5* you don’t even have the option.

Move to another faction… It will help you grow! Some experience is needed, trust me.

Absolutely find a better faction fast. And show us who you want to ascend and your roster so we can give you some advice. I’d hate to see you ascend an outdated toon and lose 8 5* just so you can ascend 1 toon that you will find you won’t need in a hurry

Ask in global chat if there is a faction that would take you in. Always better to be in a more active faction.

Also you can open Google Translate in another browser tab and just copy & past the texts from the forum and let it translate for you.