How Scopely *Should* Refresh Their Content

Today I’m going to go over all of the stuff outlined in the “Promises for the Future” post, and how I think they should go about it.

  • Supply Depot
    Okay so this is simple, Scopely needs to do:
    ~ Late gen 1 ascendables that still could be useful
    ~ A deticated energy refill tab, containing every energy can in the game, that has a set cycle.
    ~ Significantly lower the cost of Trainers, 5 Star Unascendables, 4 Stars, 3 Stars, and Weapons

  • Assault Depot
    ~ Lower the prices of the Epic and Ultra Rare epic character items
    ~ Sell lower tier trainers in bulks for cheaper prices

  • Survival Depot
    ~ Significantly lower the price of trainers and sell them in bulk
    ~ Lower the prices of the Epic and Ultra Rare characters
    ~ Significantly lower the prices of drug kits and Territory healing items
    ~ Drop the prices of the items needed to upgrade the Epic and Ultra Rare characters
    ~ Raise the prices of the weapons, but vastly improve their stats
    ~ Keep the medal box the same, but give a slim chance at much more medals currently offered

  • War Crates
    ~ Keep the burts, but make the War Crate give a minimum of 10
    ~ Add Ascendance Medals, 5,000 Silver and 15 Gold minimum
    ~ Remove Basic Tokens from the box, give a minimum of 5 weapon tokens or 1 elite character token per box
    ~ Give weapon parts (rare or better ones)

  • 30 Day Pass Crate
    ~ Remove all Epics that are not ascendable, add only ones that are needed for museum collections
    ~ Remove 4 Star Characters
    ~ Give 10 benedicts instead of 1
    ~ Give 5 adens instead of 1
    ~ Add relevant ascendables, but cycle them every 3 months

  • 5 Star Recruit Tokens
    ~ Remove any low tier Epic character that isn’t needed for collections
    ~ Add a few museum required characters
    ~ Update every 2 months with at least semi-relevant ascendables

  • Basic Rewards Wheel
    ~ Remove 1 Star characters and weapons
    ~ Add a multitude of 4 and 5 star characters and 4 star weapons, even if the odds for obtainment are slim

  • Prestige Recruits Wheel
    ~ Remove 4 Star Characters
    ~ Add in only epics needed for museum collections
    ~ Cycle in and out relevant ascendables

  • Helper Token Wheel
    ~ See Basic Rewards Wheel, these will continue to be one in the same unless I see a better suggestion

  • Elite Characters Wheel
    ~ Remove this wheel entirely and make Elite Character Tokens usable for premier recruit wheels

  • Elite Weapons Wheel
    ~ Cycle in “Premier” weapons every week, these will be weapons with great stats, and will encourage people to use coins on this wheel
    ~ Increase the odds for 4 star weapons

Well, I hope y’all enjoy this post I wrote out, feel free to say anything you disagree with.


i love this idea

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Flare guns.


I think survival and assault depot will have new characters like like a new Lilly and a new Heath

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What makes you say that?

The one I always disagree with is Prestige wheel. A P13 who cycles the right missions can get a pull every 10 days. No way they should be pulling for a free ascendable three times a month for extremely low effort.


Been saving my Lily since that leak lol now i have 2, what heath tho? Blue, green?


I never suggested making it ONLY ascendables.
That’d be crazy.
It’s a mix of ascendables and epics needed for collections
15% chance for an ascendable
85% for a non ascendable

I know you said both epics and ascendables, but do the math, that’s still too high. Those odds mean almost 40% of the P13s get at least one ascendable from Prestige pulls every month.


It really doesn’t matter, the prestige 13s won’t even need the toons Scopely would ever put in that wheel

what leaks?

you are so much missing the point made here

She was leaked around when Carl made his first visit to the muesum, she was supposed to use sweaters that he was using and so i decided to save her and them but that was a long time ago although Sawyer was leaked also and dropped outta no where on us.

I miss premier weapons. If i saw something like a red 8% I’d pull for it,or any weapon that has an off trait lvl3 special stat

I don’t Know for sure but I do know they were going to do the Governor assault last year so maybe she will be a reward.

This is why you deserve to be on the player council. Straight number crunching and unbiased comments like this give you my vote


Totally agree, I’ve not always had the same Opinion as LG but I feel she would be fair and represent the community🤗


Cool. We need a better way to buy Flare Guns, Liliths and Ulysses. My Tara is about a year max in tier 2.
The Survival Depot is useless nowdays, after reach lvl 150 nodoby wants to do the daily SR…

The main issue of the current state of the game is the huge imbalance between promo toons and f2p toons.

It’s not only the number of available f2p toons but even more the huge and still growing power gap between promo and f2p toons. So any update to the wheels etc which does not supply f2p players with toons that can touch S-class Pete, 2x Mia, 2x Negan type teams is just cosmetic and irrelevant.

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Rank rewards and milestones system. With a lot of new items, tokens, gears ect. Why we still have only 3 rewards per rank/milestone??? 4 should be minimum now.
For example current raid event milestones: league tokens, trainers, elite tokens AND some other things like museum collection items.

This should be updated long time ago

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