How Scopely Can Generate More $$$

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The issue is their strategies come from game inneraction data. That data doesn’t show the social dynamics which drive the behavior and therefore their strategies are based of data correlations and miss the ultimate causation. This post is meant to highlight that their current strategies are failing due to a misunderstanding of profit drivers.

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That may be true. At the same time they are literally using AI to generate their algorithms. Meaning they are pretty sophisticaed. Most likely the very same algorithms are also used in other Scopely’s games which are doing pretty good. Once again, just saying.

Scopely in general is not the graphics, interface or game mechanics (they prefer to leave this to their partners), they ARE prediction algorithms, monetization programs and RNG generator attached to this things. Later on they would cover it with some famous IP and here you go - another Scopely game.

I don’t believe that they expect RTS to be huge again without investing in it a lot. Which they MOST LIKELY wont do.

And it would take a lot to fix this game.

But who knows? A couple of bad months for Star Trek and Looney Tunes and Scopely might pay RTS a little more attention.

Even their CTO talked about how they use AI to monitor each account’s activity, personalise offers and to groom potential whales whenever they can. Thats why they dont need end-game whales, they know if one whale quits there is always another ready to replace it. Newer regions are easier to fool and groom for whaling.

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They absolutely use algorithms and are able to somewhat influence behaviors and propensities using them. My point is that they could not only utilize what they see from the data but in utilizing the social dynamics could create an environment which doubles up on income retention marketing and growth. Their current models work very well for a short time but it bottle necks. By utilizing both elements and preventing the bottleneck they will be able to make more money on current games rather than having to invest in new games. This will drive not only the higher profits but also lead to lower costs as modification is less costly than new developments.

Their algorithms and AI are advanced and do well at somethings but it also has limitations. Think of it like this…

Data shows that in NYC when crime goes up, more people buy ice cream. Looking at this data and icecream shop should be set up in high crime areas. This is because we are only looking at part of the picture. The reality is both rise due to the summer months being warmer. So the icecream shop should set up for the summer.

Causation vs correlation.

Now that is a very simplified example and in games such as these, there are multiple causation factors in behavior. The specific social dynamics cannot be quantified by AI. Much of the social interactions take place outside of the game anyway. Just as in the previous example which left put weather data, scopely is not factoring in this crucial data since it is not quantitative in nature.

Disregarding qualitative factors though is leading to extreme opportunity losses and declining longevity and profitability of products. They need to understand the qualitative to maximize their ROI in any game.


There are already grumblings of discontent from players in those games, give it a few months and they will also be in the same situation this game is in.
Scopely business model will see to that.


The first pinned post on Star Trek game subreddit is about uninstall the app ASAP :joy:

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Their startrek Facebook page has plenty of unhappy gamers l letting their feelings known just like their wdrts Facebook.
Two of the funniest comments…final frontier…creditcard lol :joy:
Strongest ship…usscreditcard lmao :joy:

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The pics send a different message than the post lol, the fish swimming off course should be representing f2p having a chance against spenders through much grinding while the pic with all the fish in their “proper place” represents everyone being in their “proper place”(financially)…the pics at the bottom send a different message than everything you said imo but definitely a very good post nonetheless, a free daily premier pull and daily login rewards would have avoided all these issues but scopely doesn’t see the benefit in rewarding all players but only those who spend their life savings on their game, what they fail to realize is that casual players would spend more…and also more often if they had any incentive to do so which would result in a lot more revenue for scopely but no matter how much they spend it gets em nowhere, i read an article online not long after the game launched about scopely and how they planned to take the gaming world by storm and their plan was to become the biggest baddest mobile gaming company with the highest revenue…apparently they gave no thought to keeping a wide player base but only too rob all these gambling addicts blind and its worked for a while but it’s crumbling because they refuse to change their ways even for the sake of future revenue or their own product or reputation and are gambling the future of their own game and company on these gambling addicts inability to control their spending…my advice to anyone and everyone playing this game is to stop spending period and find other places and ways to get the most out of your money and let it die cuz it isn’t gonna change for the better as the game just keeps getting worse and worse as time goes on…i have and won’t be reinstalling as they’ve shown no sincerity in their promises to players EVER and its just getting progressively worse, as soon as #playerunited started they should have scrapped all this garbage they had planned(S-class, collections without rewards and all these trash wheels first and foremost) and started fixing the problems they already have ongoing which are quickly killing the game and the companies reputation, pretty soon it’ll be just a few whales left and when scopely shuts the game down without notice they’ll finally see the positives in #playersunited and regret not jumping on board and spending on content that they hold no ownership over and will lose without so mych as a heads up…imagine that, spending $1k on a new S-class promo for the game to shut down the following day without notice…thats how scopely operates and that’s how it’s gonna happen, if you’re lucky you’ll get a week or 2 heads up that you’re losing tens of thousands of hours of effort and tens of thousands of dollars in purchases…get out while the gettin good cuz it ain’t gettin any better only worse

That’s inevitable. 1 week notice, 2 weeks, a month… all of this options won’t change a thing.

So I really hope that people will look at this not as on “money lost” but as on “money spend on entertainment”.

I like the post and this does go along with another post regarding promises the people want and what Scopely has said, however doesn’t mean we as the majority F2p we get what we want

Scopely could try putting offers that are both appealing and value for money to entice people to spend?🤷
If you have a look at the moment there isn’t really anything which remotely offers value for money or even anything decent in return for your money.
Even getting the best rng result in these offers is total garbage at the moment, and that’s saying something.

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