How sad is your region? Appling reporting in


Congrats to the top 3 factions! Are there any other regions that are more sad than this? Only 32 across the region with trophies, and 21 of those with more than 100 trophies.

Appling region in need of a merge / reopening!


How old is this region?


Wow, so sad :disappointed_relieved:


It’s from the beginning I think? August 2015 anyways. We’ve been a closed, low population region for a long long time


You’re so lucky. I wish I was in your region.


How far does the list of players go on raid list? I saw during browsing some of relatively active regions (500+ players in play) there are 100k+ accounts.


Somewhere around 5500 last I checked, and there’s about 20-30 actives in that. Most of the raids are flooded with bots of easy teams, giving us barely any trophies off them


They should at least open region, it is weird that some are so neglected.


Damn. That is sad. Sorry for your situation. Scopley should really do something about this ASAP.


Goodness there isn’t a point in competing there, let alone having to buy anything to compete.


damn that is whack


While that is sad… Your opening line was actually hilarious. Well done.


Moral dilemma. Do i like a post that is as sad as this one?


Do it. Likes, when accumulated, draw the attention of the Scopely reps.



My region (Irwin) is pretty competitive and it’s an original region. This past solo level up you needed 1 million points to stay in the top 100. The person who won had some ridiculous score I believe it was 8 million


Holy hell. I thought my region was bad. There’s literally no chance I would play if that happened in rockdale.


They are closed region, how many accounts Irwin has?


I would quit if I was in that region tbh. I’d start over in a new region or just quit the game.


I’m not sure I tried to scroll to the end of the global leader board to see but I stopped at 10,000 because the scroll bar wasn’t even halfway down so let’s just say over 10,000 active players