How’s walkering territories in your region?

We have days where all territories are captured the the next two thirds of the map is walkered. How is it in your region?

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In my region the walkering is very disappointing. I can still see some areas of red and blue. Please try harder Macon.


I love walkering territories sometimes I buy cans just to walker all of em


That doesn’t surprise me one bit

Ours looks good. :grinning::+1:

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I’ll never understand it. Hurts everyone in the long run. If you keep walekring them, then eventually there’s nowhere for you to hit.


You get points for clearing them…not as much but still points for leagues

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Nothing really changed with the update
They are pretty much all white still

Because some people are just complete a holes in every thing they do. Most of the people walkering are the same trolls in gc who have no idea how to play the game and they get enjoyment seeing others frustrated. This is why I quit bothering with terrs as much. I check when I need to craft if its available to take crits I grab if not I craft without.


The same…no one cares anymore even more now

Nothing has changed from the update, places are being walkered.

I would argue that giving more trophies would increase the number of people that walker territories, since now they can claim that attacking walkers has a ‘benefit’ now.

Generally the people I see whining the most about walkered territories are the same people who I see going across the map hitting everything once without placing any teams.

I don’t get why people don’t understand that if everyone stacks 10 or so teams in each territory then everyone else can go and make one hit on each territory and A. they’ll rarely go to the walkers, and B. there are plenty of human terms to fight for more trophies. But no, if anyone stacks then a couple of greedy jerks will come in right away and hit until they’re all gone.

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I mean come on dude what is it 48 trophies for a single hit on territories ? The ones whining that take it so seriously, they act like that is a lot of trophies by saying oh it hurts the region hahaha like wtf is 48 trophies gonna do to help a region is it gonna buy me a car ? Wtf does 48 trophies do dude

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There are like 6 spots worth a damn the rest are worthless so I say walker them as often as you can. The dead give trophies now so if your that desperate for them get to clearing them out.

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best comment ever dude walker em as much as possible bonus points if you buy cans to keep the walker spree chain going

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Because there is no incentive to stack that many teams?

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Hourly leader board rewards would totally eliminate walkering. You get trolls from other regions that go and Walker territories also. You dont need a strong team to clear most teams out of territories…

Not sure if you just don’t understand the game, a narcissist, or dumb. Possibly all three.


The update actually made it worse. I counted 4x this weekend the game just randomly booted my team out of territories and gave to walkers when I still had >30 min on a timer before anyone could attack.