How’s long on average does it take to get in the beta


^ what the title says


Took me 4 hours to get into beta.


That it?


Any one else


took me 10 months to be approved


Rly? That’s crazy


6 months. They do it in waves. very slow moving waves


When was the last one


A day ago.


I got approved like last week. Waited 4-5 months too.


Was it rly


More like two days ago. Try and apply but If they havent got any more spaces it will be a while


That’s crazy lol I hope I get lucky


It took about 3 months or so for me to get approved.


Just a warning though they have already sent out the starter pack things /toons to semi catch us up whoch means that if you join you will be on your own. No goodies for you. they sent it out a day after accepting a wave but lots of people werent on the regions by then and are complaining


So how does it work do u have to restart?


What does the beta region offer other then getting to front lines of tests. Do you bring your main account over or start fresh.


You update the app through a link when u get accepted into the gplus account then just join one of the beta regions. Its like another region but upgrades to buildings are skippable and u get more food and materials


.Ok I see.


So yes you start again but if u joined in time they sent out a swag package with toons like sawyer hunter and other premier characters. But no ascendance stuff because they are done testing it. So people who join after dont get the stuff