How Road to Survival Went Viral!


Did you know it was Pewdiepie (king of YouTube) He is the most subscribed YouTuber and that made Road to survival go vital First week ppl downloaded over 4 million times. Here is the video


Yeah, lol, watched the video after I saw a link on Wikipedia with Pewdiepie’s channel in it. It looks horrible, too, compared to the current version. Was probably a lot less p2w back then, though…


I wish I had started back then


Same, but eventually you’d get sick of it and quit sooner or later, because no game is fun forever. And especially not this game… I wouldn’t want to see just how bad it was before, but the events and their rewards were probably a heckuva lot longer and better than they are now.


Watched it lmao)))


What? Rewards are better now. 3 years ago Raid and war rewards were only supply depo points lol


Oh, lol. I just hear veteran after veteran complain all the livelong day, so you’d think that back then things were better.


Back in my day there wasn’t even neutralize :sob: :sob:


Nope. Scopely’s gotten more greedy, but by every other parameter, the game’s better. Rewards sucked back then, but premium players didn’t have a complete edge over freemium players.


I would love to know what region he started in


You can steal his name lol


Back in the day there wasn’t even a depot. Bunch of noobs.


Literally the reason I started playing in 2015. Back in the day when people used 5* Ricks and Carls. Also, back when getting a 4* was rare and 5* was impossible :pensive:


The twitter package was way bigger than this when the game first came out. idk who this is but i have known about this game since day one


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