How NOT to be general in war?

In the last few crw, the game has always bet on me as a general. Every match with me is me as a general. I know i can pass gen to other player but this is annoying. Im ftp, not highest rep in faction, not great roster, s9++ def team.
Any ideas why is like that?

What’s your postion in your faction? Are you a Runner, Constable, Recruiter, Co-Leader, or a Leader?

Constable but I was leader, co lead etc in other factions and it was always random. Now every time Im gen even If leader and co leaders are in match with me :weary:

You can prolly make a higher grade team somewhere, that would be the reason why your gen always

S10 is my max but lot of ppl in faction can make s10

It’s given to the highest team grade in the party. As you said, pass it if you don’t want it.


I would definitely take gen as you get bonus points being gen. But passing it is the only option ya got

I know this gives extra points but my def is not so great. Also not many people wants to be gen so I dont like to pass. I thought maybe is any way to change this “auto gen” me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Lol nah not really, but the best part of it is the ability to pass gen now unlike old days lol hated when I was gen in the old days and was dead while I was trying to get towers…ugh hated that

Don’t join war if you don’t want to be general

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