How much XP points you need to upgrade characters?


I just want to ask how much experience that every character need to be upgraded
4* characters from T3 to T4 and from lvl 1 to 70 T4
5* from t1 lvl 1 to T4 lvl 80
6* from t1 lvl1 to t4 lvl 90
If there is more details I will appreciate that.
Thank you!


There’s this level up calculator. I don’t think it covers 6-stars but let’s just say its a lot of food and human sacrifices.




Thnx man you are awesome, I will take this as a reference for me.


There is also, alternate visualization is easier to read imo


I don’t know exactly but this last solo lvl up I took first with only 1 ygl, I used about 1500 2s and numerous 1s to take Sid from 4* ascension from T1L1 to T3L80 6* as well as a few other toons. It’s a lot of XP, I was down to 705/999 for the 100k food in the gear depot, that was just half of the food, had so many food bags too. It’s an insane amount of XP


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