How much more can we take?

We constantly grind through endless amounts of level ups, sr tourneys and occasional raid tourneys…with the war looming every other weekend that keeps our attention just enough to keep us interested and motivated (if you wanna call it that) and BAM, out of nowhere a bug for beta players…i mean what is the problem? These developers get paid REAL money to build this game, to make this game functional, enjoyable and fun. How can this be explained, how can you screw up the only thing most players look forward to? Somewhere, somehow…someone needs to be held accountable for this…this screw up is HUGE…HUGE…HUGE!

My mind is completely blown.


Every day people quit it seems


Beta players that have the 12.0 update cant attack in war on main accounts

С этой ошибкой я закрываю свои 3 года, играя в twd rts, времена, когда я ждал чистой войны без ошибок, но, к сожалению, я устал ждать

this game is already quite forgetful … you can close the doors scopely so you do not pass so much shame anymore.


The honesty is totality. They would rather us quit then provide a great experience. They want us to quit and not ask for refunds.


Felicidades scopely, has arruinado el único evento que vale la pena!!!
Mis compañeros más de la mitad somos betas, y no podemos atacar!!!
No es divertido, cancela la guerra vuelve a empezar!!!
Este error me dan más ganas de dejar este juego!

Every single war lately… why bother… very upsetting.

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This is my last weekend. I’ve been fed up for awhile but its pretty obvious its time. Zeroing out my roster and unshackle myself from this sinking and hilariously boring ship. The incompetence is getting to the point that even though Iugo and Scopely may not be embarrassed, I’m embarrassed for them and for myself continuing to have it installed on my phone. I’ll miss the people but not Scopelys idea of player first.



Congrats to everyone who found freedom. You made the right choice. If things don’t change and soon I will be joining you as well. The game is just not any fun anymore.


Beta players were not the only ones effected. One in my faction is being shown in the faction for everyone else and factionless at the same time. They were locked out when yet another broken war went live

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Until people stop spending on digital pixels, scopley won’t get the message. I can’t understand why people still spend: egos, have to be the best at something, their main life achievement?


Common sense would find this to be true but I think they are so stubborn and set in there ways that even then they would still refuse to do the right thing. It’s not in their nature.

It’s so true and yet so sad.

If they want something to be proud of. Cure cancer. I’ll call you a god then.


You can’t underestimate the number of players that are simply addicted. The amount that spend just because they have F-you type money is very, very small.


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