How much money does it take to reach prestige 8

im start again, and i want to spend a little bit but idk how it would cost to unlock you got lucky prestige missions

not sure, best way to get prestige is loging daily but if u ant spend look for cheap offers with prestige points in it. :slight_smile:

Yeh it takes time. Obviously you can catapult your way into prestige if you do start spending but is it worth it? Might be better to spend the cash on sclass pulls instead.

With zero points from daily login, you need to spend enough for 25,000 prestige points. A $99 offer is 5,000 prestige points. $495 unlocks YGL plus whatever you get from those offers. Or, buy straight-up coins for 6250 prestige points for $99. $396 will get you 33000 coins plus unlock YGL.

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