How much memes is this account worth?


Hello its me FeelsCringeMan


depending on what region you’re in. about 50 cents USD.


Skimp on premiers, no 6s premiers. Only see hunter and magna from 5s days largely past their u tillage, rest are just in game rewards.

Not much at all imo. But hey its the buyers call. I would request images of their weapons.


500 USD you can receive for it imho, but it also depends from region




i wouldnt buy it unless i was desperate but even then my max would be £10.


I’m not sure but He didn’t play for maybe 4 weeks or longer, thats the reason why He doesn’t have any promo 6*


Anything more than $25 bucks is highway robbery


He want 300$ ._______.

The region is Lee (de)


Basically looks like someone who was in a top faction and since 90% of its useless and very littLe premieres and u can now pull most those from prestige or 5* tokens about 10$


I think you can lower price to 200-250$. This set’ll be enough for comfortable game on Lee (DE)




Lol if u would pay 500 you would be unhappy as u will see most those toons are useless and even very little ascebdables on top of low premieres and won’t last in current game situation


The current game situation ist f… bad. I won’t pay 300$ but I also want to play.


I suppose if you want a starting decent roster allowing u to build off this would be ok. But I’d say 50$ at best. There are a few 6* teams and u could use some for fodder. So if your current situation is " no way I can catch up" then yeah its ok.


Look man, I do not drop any coin in game of such sort. Never. But! Due to toons set I can estimate time, which was spent on game. Time is also money, you know? If I’d create such set I`ll try to sell acc for 500 USD with trading to 300. Verstehst du?


If this was let’s say 6 months ago I would say it’s worth more even with low amount of premieres yes a lot of work was put in and there are some nice toons. Unfortunately scope reset the game and made a lot of time and effort uselss. I feel the same way about my own roster in which I’ve spent money on and hours and hours of time. I’m not saying it’s a bad roster. I’m just saying that current game situation it doesn’t offer as much as it should


Here’s probably not the best place to sell an account. It’s against ToS. I wouldn’t be giving out account information, unless you want to risk a ban


Where are you selling? Hook me up. Maybe $100 but i’m An eBay seller.


Yes I understand, I wouldn’t pay more than 100$. The issue is he is prestige 12 and he said " I also want that the invested time appreciated"