How much is your gear worth

Thought I would hold the button down on sell screen, see the value of the shit I’ve accumulated over the course of a year.

Be interested to see the value of a 5 year players loot.

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I have almost 1200 deluxe replenishes. its my doomsday stash

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nice topic im curious about others.

Great my 9 month old reached for the screen and sold all my gear. Awesome.


Im jk

Plus 200 some boxes I havent opened. Im stingy with the gear.


that is a nice ring horde. Id kill for that many rings


Thanks! Its less impressive when I tell you the only toons I’ve used rings on are ap Doc and command Dale though.

Lvl 150 just takes so long haha. And so many resources for the last like, 20 lvls.

Hm. I’m over 500. I should use them someday.

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I’d be in fear of me accidentally selling everything

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how do y’all end up with so many rings? My attempts are like pulling teeth just to get a couple


Just not really used them tbh.

Try dropping some leagues

that’s tough, I do my best to support my faction so my activity is probably too high to drop down.

Its fine I guess, I get a 2 or 3 a week through arenas. I don’t know if the extra 30. levels really makes a big difference in the big picture

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