How much in coins is Dr. Stevens costing?

What is the average? Most are in a bad bucket and will need 20k shirts to get him. How much is he costing on average?

i got him in a 10 pull, my bucket is rlly good

Think around 8k is the number

Obviously I haven’t pulled.

People seem to suggest the average is at around 100 shirts per pull. So you would have to do around 200 pulls (quite possibly much less, as there are also much larger shirt amounts in the wheel, but people are less likely to get one with just a few pulls)

200 pulls is 200,000 syringe tokens.

The offers up right now have the following expected amounts:

  • Token box: 1050 for 69 coins, or about 15,2 tokens per coin
  • Syringe token: 8930 for 599 coins, or about 14.9 tokens per coin
  • Chance bag: 500 tokens for 149 coins, or about 3.4 tokens per coin
  • Chance bag: 2500 tokens for 579 coins, or about 4.4 tokens per coin

So the best deals seem to be around 15 tokens per coin. To get to 200000 tokens at that rate, you would need 13,333 coins. Again, this is plausibly a bit too high on average, as we don’t know the expected value of shirts, and with pulling this often the rare high-value amounts might substantially alter this. I wouldn’t expect it to be quite as low as 8k, but it’s certainly possible. OTOH, one set of offers at this rate isn’t enough to get him, and it might be more expensive at other times.


Costed me about nada

I spent 15k coins, that’s just my experience though. I’d didnt get the doc or mercer in the wheel. Had to get the doc through shirts alone

It is higher than 100. You are going to get some 2500 1000 500s in there… I did do well on the 199 coin bag got well over expectations.

3k de monedas me costĂł.

I think the first bags were bugged lol got 20 k in every bag :joy::joy:

They added a new collection for 6* gear using the bloody shirts. Hope people didnt already spend them all on burts after getting Stevens…

Why maybe they needed the burts

That maths makes me moist :sweat_drops:

I cannot wait to see Doc in half of the teams I’ll be facing… And I’m not even being sarcastic :stuck_out_tongue:
He significantly helps reduce my raid times when facing him due to nuking his own team.


I know that it’s probably higher than 100, but I have no way of estimating how much higher it is. A 2500 would obviously speed it up a fair amount, but I would need to know how likely you are to hit it in order to include it. And since we are talking about people in bad buckets, it probably makes sense to at least know the worst case scenario.

@How2Zombies, glad I could help lubricate your day.

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Ive spent 5US for 5000 tokens and pulled doc, my bucket changed?

I did 70 pulls for 60 bucks and got 12k shirts

7k coins plus ÂŁ75

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