How Much Effort Do You Put Into Making Your Defense?

I put so much effort into deciding which toons to upgrade and level that I honestly think it’s unhealthy. It literally takes me months to finally decide what to do. I go as far as to visualize how a raid would go…yeah this isn’t healthy but atleast I make the right decision…half the time?

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I look much into my main team of which also happens to be my defense team, only change of late is leader (sorely needed in 6* land) and back to defending 50% or so of the time. Will soon tweak the defense yet again and see how that works in war.

I like to make the exact same team but change the weapons when the fight starts.Great way to fool people most don’t check at first


What do you think of this defensive team I’m working? I still have to ascend Maggie and alot of leveling up to do

What do the weapons look like? Looks like it has potential to be good but a F2P Carl/Shiva/Wyatt team will have no problems taking that team out IMO.

I’m kicking myself for not getting Wyatt. I got absolute 0 on Michonne and Zeke reflective on Maggie haven’t touched Aris weapon and defense down on Carl. Thanks for the input it’s much appreciated!

Some of my faction members beat my teams easily no matter how much strategy and thought I put in,
Others struggle.

It’s fustrating recently.
I have bought toons too.
Thought Dante would be a great purchase for his lead ability but can’t make it work.
Saying that he isn’t levelled properly yet.


I like to create teams , i was never one to see a good team and just copy as you will always be 1 step behind the top players, unfortunately nowadays most teams are very similar as well documented in these forums

It’s one of the main gripes I have at the moment with the game as is ,team building is basically dead very little surprised anyone’s anymore

Pretty much this… It’s all luck mostly.

I can wipe out a p2p team and lose to a f2p team right after. Depending on weapons…

I Stopped trying to get defends, all top teams will wreck you anyway, hell even average factions.

There are a couple of heal combination teams I hate but not going to list it.

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Unfortunately dante seemed like one of those characters who had a little bit of everything but never excelled in one specific option,
I think there is definitely potential with the right support characters but I’ve never been a fan of ap on def leads they are to easy to control with neutralise characters

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Too many yellows imo… my shiva would singlehandedly wreck that team tbh

2x stun on shiva, ap down on Glenn and absolute on Yvette.

I tend to get defends on everything not Erika. But our region is about a year old. Cross region does decent but ranged teams tend to make it through.

Heavy green carl teams are leaving the meta with the Governor now out, melee will survive longer in general with heavy yellows behind carl for a while now

I read this and laughed because that’s what people have always done even before six stars lol.classic!

Little to none I just make sure all the chars are effected by leader skill with semi decent synergy.

Rep as of now is useless so I just try to stay above 20k.

Don’t listen to this n00b. Word on the street is he is the weakest link in his faction. Pretty much the make a wish kid of our region. The yellows on your team look excellent.