How Much Do People Spend?


I’ve seen lots of talk over the last two years about how much people have pumped into this game & how much you have to spend to hit Prestige 11/12/13.

So, just for fun with no judging, how much have you spent on this game or for a specific toon, & how much have you heard of your friends throwing at Scopely?

Personally I do still have the monthly pass, occasionally spend £20/£25 but have stopped spending since the 5* defence was wiped out by legendary toons. Over 2 years of playing, I’ve probably spent £200 & having heard some stories that’s a drop in the ocean.


Um. Lost count ages ago :joy:


Give us a best guess average?


I used to be really bad. Spent $1,000 on Shiva when she first came out.

Took 6 months off and came back not spending much at all. Monthly pass here and there and that’s it. Prestige 12


It is. Super whales spent at least 200x more. Why? “They want to win.” Consumerism = win it seems so…


I honesly don’t know anymore. More than £1000 less than £3000. Somewhere in between. :upside_down_face: deep down I don’t really want to know.


Always wonder what these whales do for a living, are they footballers, movie stars or Presidents?


How long have you been playing, averaging 2k over two years isn’t too bad in comparison to some I’ve heard.

I’ve heard of people shelling out 3/4k for a single toon.


Over 2 years. I was f2p for the first 6 months. Spent small amounts for another 6 after that. Then lost my shit. Lol.


I think people get sucked into a cycle, after spending to reach the top there is a desire to stay at the top so as not to have ‘wasted’ that money, but to stay there you need to spend a little more for the next op toon.


I don’t even want to guess, some even promoted that we need to spend avg 200-400$ weekly to remain competitive… Anyway it doesn’t matter, obviously that money is going down the drain with rapid loss of interest.


I always refused to do more than 1 max and maybe a couple 10 pulls for a toon. I know if you keep going normally you get them. But if I fail on my first attempts I accept it and leave it. Maybe more will power idk. Tbh I’ve had better luck with 10 pulls in my time. And even a few singles.


Scopley know exactly how to suck people in with the next OP toon. They’ve masted it.


Actually around 98% of people are not getting sucked in so those 1-2% are special players. I only grinded for coins. Also what talent (master level) do you need to give f2p spears and canons for cash, I kind od always felt like shaka zulu in play…


About $10 for the pass and then I just grind out offers for coins.


This is what I do now, generally keep saving * saving to get to the 8200 area & then do a 40 pull. That process has landed me a Konrad, 2 x Hunter & Auto Carl back in the 5* days, not having so much luck these days though.

I wonder how much Scopely make from video’s & Tapjoy, lots of people may not directly give money to Scopely, but they’re still funding them indirectly.



Spend about $300 about half of that has been for the pass.
Have never done a big pull and don’t ever plan on it.


4k but only about 300 after dnufer backwards


did you get lots of small dnufer’s or one big one?


Several over 2 years, biggest being 980$ lol

And thats when i realized i had an addiction to danger and stopped spending