How may factions actively war in your region?


Just trying to see the pictures out there. My region is WORTH, high populated. By now only 22 factions are on the leaderboard, among which 6 factions had less than 5 games.


Long region. 25 active factions.


Irwin region. 30 factions, but only 22 have more than 3 wars to their name.


45 factions show up on the leader board, but rank 20 has 10 wars played. rank 30 has only 4 wars played.

edit: Chambers region


27 factions, 24 have more than 5 wars. Wheeler here.


Right now, I’m Sumter region, we have 3 that have warred, 1 that has been searching since yesterday, and one that isn’t active enough to get 8 people together.


Atkinson region, 8 factions on the board. 3 of those facs have only had 5 or less wars atm.



36 on the board

19 over 10 matches

14 over 20

10 over 30

3 over 40


Activity is the worst I have ever seen it. But you cant blame people. These 6 stars has just ruined the game, plus the rewards just keeps getting worse and worse. This game is dying faster and faster for every week that goes by.


Eleven on the board. 1st place is slightly ahead as 1.01 million


Only 6 with more than 10 wars usually we have 12 fighting for top 10. Only 23 with any wars at all, usually 40 have at least a few. Very disheartening to watch either a mass exodus of this game or people have decided war, the only thing to really do on the game that’s much fun, isn’t even enough motivate them to play anymore.


What is active for you? If a Faction participates in every War 24/7?

Or how would u describe it?



22 factions on the board. 15 have done at least 10 wars.

Top 3 with nearly 50 wars each…


DADE: 58 factions on leaderboard. 38 with less than 10 wars in their score.

However the top faction in the region has had less than half the wars that the #1 faction in this tournament has been able to get. Our matches are well stuffed.

But we have learned to persist!


Bacon Region
34 factions on war board
Over 500 factions in our region
1st - 51 wars
2nd - 37 wars
3rd - 28 wars
4th - 23 wars
In past wars more factions were playing and War scores were higher.


Yea after bad Prizes, bad Communication from Game Developers, bad Events many People started to quit the Game, because they diddn´t wanted to continue this Game

107 Factions on War Board in our Region.

Top 3 ~ 60
Top 10 40~50
Top 10+ strong decrease exponentially


Pike Region:
1st-53 wars
2nd-4th-53 wars
5th-6th-40 wars
7th-30 wars
8th-10th-20 wars
11th-14th less then 15 wars
15th-27th-varies from 1 war to 8 wars.

Region ACTIVITY has dropped like throwing a cinder block in a pond…when from 50 active factions to basically 15. Since they “redid war” then “murdered our 5*s”

Bad when youre begging people in your region not to quit so everyone can still play and enjoy it.


Cobb - 25


1st 58
2nd 67
3rd 60
5-10 over 30
15th 15
20th 8
falls off a cliff to 34th

huge falloff from previous wars


factions that are really active here in my region, only 6 and some that played only to be able to get prizes