How many weapons should I keep?

Just got the “You have too much weapons, dissaaemble” message. After filtering out 4 & 5 star weapons & selling the rest I still have over 300 weapons left.

I was trying to figure out how many to keep, I went through & sold any 4 star weapon that didnt have a 30 stat on it. I was thinking maybe keep 5 of each stat for each colour, 5 30 attack, 5 30 defense, etc as you’ll never use more than 5 @ a time.

Any input on this?

Yeah, maybe a few more of weapons you craft a lot on. 5 will do. You will probably get more by the time you need more

What you are doing so far is right in my opinion. I keep any weapon with a 30 stat and then a keep a few that just look cool to me. Otherwise ever thing else gets disassembled.

I keep almost all the +30 stat weapons. I want a wide variety of the best specials, not just 5:
5 attacking absdef with atk and huge/vl AP
2 tanked out absdef with def and HP
2 defensive absdef with def and Huge/vl AP
2 crit absdef, one with AP and one without.
5 +8% AP with attack, Huge/vl AP
1 +8% AP with HP, Def/vl AP (For Doc Stevens)
2 Michonne wakizashi: one with Attack,Huge/VLAP, one with attack bumped 3 times
2 Impair on attack daggers, one with with HP and AP, one with Attack, AP
At least 5 crit weapons, some with AP gain and some without.

…and then that’s just covering the basic specials. For every attack weapon, I want a +15/35 option, a crit expert option, and a fast healing option.

…and that’s just the yellow weapons.


I keep them all then hassle support suggesting a mass disassemble I’m already back up to over 5k again :weary:


Dayumnn that’s gonna keep Earl going for centuries to come

I keep at least 4 30 crits of each color for walker sr and roadmaps. Other than that, not counting completed weapons and character specific weapons, i always keep at least 3 or 4 “blank” 30 def/atk/hp (so 12) of each color, and anything special like ricks stun gun or a double atk blue, the yellow reflect sword, things like that. So 16 crits, 48 30s, random specials, say 15, and then alllllll the damned assigned weapons. And that doesn’t even count all my already maxed 5*s. I guess that’s looking like a total of 200 or so keepers.

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