How many veteran rings

How many veteran rings can you add to a character?

Also side suggestion, if we’re going to do 5* arenas how about rings for those non-ascendable 5^

Max promotion level is 30.

To get to level 3 is 1 ring each. Not sure after that.

always one ring per stage except s-class that needs 2

im amazed people promoting defense characters and weak ones too with one ring… two months and the toon will be outdated with 2 veteran rings, save some for later on…


Remember in the screenshot of amber wasn’t that 5 million food it took to make her? Either they increase the food cap or they make it a sc exclusive.

This is what someone posted only thing I’ve seen

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my rick is lv 4 and still needs 1 ring so i think for normal toons is just 30 rings to max to 30

The 5mill food was to promote her all 30 levels at once.

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Start doing the nightmare stage of food run, you get a 500k food bag which can take you past the cap when you need it.

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My post is making its rounds! <3

It’s one ring a promotion to ten when I experimented in beta- see above SS of my post :wink:

after lvl 13 you need 2 rings per lvl.

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So far it’s 1 ring + 100k food for 1 to 9
1 ring + 1 walkie, 1 school bag and 100k for 10
2 ring + 100k food for 11 to 14
2 ring + 2 walkie, 2 school bag and 100k for 15

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