How many velvet cakes in 10 or 40pulls

What are your experiences? I have 8200 coins and I need 100 velvet cakes for collection with bruce…

I averaged 200 or so per 10 pull, but no idea if that’s good luck or bad luck

Hmm I think very good luck :wink:
Anyone else?

200 per 10 pull is crazy good luck most would be lucky to get that in a 40

I got ~500 cakes with 40 pulls

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Nice. In What wheel? With roadie 10% or something like bruce 33%?

i was averaging a bit of cakes when pulling (as i never get 6* or an ascender) then when i needed cakes to finish off i got i think 30 red cakes in about 35 pulls. Just seems to know when something is needed on my account

You always complain about odds and pulls. So the question is why are you still pulling?


I did some pulls on Bruce-similar wheels last weeks and got between 300-500 cakes, per 40 pull. So the 100 cakes should be no issue for a 40 pull. Could try 1 or 2 10 pulls if you wanne save some coins;)

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Hey, i got a lot of velvet cakes when i did a 40 pull. I got 532 cakes.

Because i “WANT” to keep playing and to keep playing you kind of have to pull to remain semi relevant

and because its my money … sc pull … free coins

I haven’t pulled and my roster is kind of relevant to. I smoked raulito when he wasn’t a leader with my f2p roster.

Keep spending. Keep this trash spenders.

You are doing us proud.

see there isnt any gap to trouble ourselves with. raulito doesn’t seem to trouble f2p., roll out more s class :wink:

on the topic, i averaged around 100 cakes per 40 pull for roadie, when i tried to get enough to s class my raulitos. ended up with a couple of roadies for levelup fodder lol

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