How many v rings does it take

How many to max out decap Sandy. Thanks in advance

A lot of rings, gear & food.

Just bend her over and just double tapping it til she says im maxed. (Haha Im funny, I’ll see myself at the door)

60 rings
People in forums be like:


Not even close lol

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Dont do it save them for s class go to like 10 tops

The regular 6* takes 60 rings, the S-Class uses more rings

90 rings for a class

It’s not 30. There are 30 promotion levels but it takes more than 30 rings.

Yep, one ring for 1-10, 2 rings for 11-20. Haven’t bothered going past, but it appears from previous posters that 21-30 would be 3 rings each level.

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