How many toons have burn?

Im just wondering… how many toons have burn skill. I know 6* yuki does and 5* romanov…

Any others?

Does burn stack?

Not sure on the toons but I don’t think burn stacks. More info here: :alert: :tough: :fast: :strong: Combat Reference Guide [Updated w/ Weapon Effects]


A character under the effect of Burn will take that exact amount of damage to their HP at the end of their team’s turn. Differently from the Bleed effect, Burn cannot stack with one another on the same character. When dying, if there are any turns remaining of the Burn effect and any adjacent fighter, Burn will pass on to a random adjacent target.

In the case that a character is afflicted with both Bleed and Burn, Bleed damage resolves before the Burn damage.

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I always thought you were a robot

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Thx for the clairification

Got both yumiko the six star and red romanov and it just simply go off two times in two different acts. So 400 then right away again another 400 burn damage go off.

Thats easy enough to sort out, John Connor, for or against :slight_smile:

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So ur saying essentially if romanov and yuki hit the same toon in one turn u see that toon take 400dmg 2x?

Yes that’s what happen

I have Yumi. Super great underrated toon. Pretty sure the burn dosent stack (edit: twodog said otherwise so I guess it does stack) but It does jump. So if one dies from the burn or another attack it will jump to an adjacent toon. If the one you target dies on the rush it will usually jump to 2 other toons if they are adjacent. And her crossbow activates quite often so the damage is quite high.

Never had romanov so I can’t speak to him but I would assume the burn works the same.

Indeedy do it does.

If the damage from the rush kills, the burn goes to a random live target

I think only Romanov (rts 1) and 6 Star yumiko have it, but I could be missing one or two. Definitely underutilized: they ought to turn original Romanov, fire-arrow yumiko, and Molotov cocktails from bleeding to burn (nobody will complain if you do, scopely!)

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think flame bow yumi has burn too. 66ap one. not exactly sure as i dont have her.

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disregard shes bleed.

Burn Damage wasn’t invented when she was released. Same with Blue Romanov.

I asked awhile back if it would be retconned on both to be burn. Didn’t really get an answer

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nice follow up. yeah havent really followed her as i didnt have her. but if they retconned prior cards that would be legit.

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@EBOLA your new antlers look amazing 10/10 hehe


Thx… shot it myself. Lol its hanging on the wall behind me.