How many to Ascend have you got?

How many 5s have you got ready to ascend?
(Not including dupe 6

Which ones?

What are you waiting for?
(Gear, Medals, Benedicts)

From the unrealised but seen 6*s…which ones have you got?

And I am… Blue medal locked… Yippee.

Room for 1 more. Hmmmm. Damn shame. nothing rewarding amd certainly wont pull any time soon.
It’s kinda dumb, its not like balance is ruined by having more 6s. Most u can use on a team is 5. But hey I won’t sweat not spending. Certainly won’t pray for a 6s version.

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Ascended to T3 level 80: Ty, Dwight, Mirabelle, Negan, Ezekiel

Ascendable but not ascending: 2nd Ty, Abe

On “soon” to be ascendable list: Gator, Governor

Got 900+ medals and 16 Benedicts/Fodder

Ascended 6 already.

1515 legendary medals with more coming from the current SR event

1.26m ascendancy medals

Have Yumiko ready but will leave her as 5s for now.

Have a bunch of duplicates, Carl, 4 Tyreese, Mirabelle,

11 Benedicts

I have 10 six stars(all free to play characters)
2 that are maxed level 80 five stars that are ascendable(barker and negan)
Have plenty of medals
Lilfths and Ulysses are ok
So just need fodder mostly but dont need to ascend till i see some characters that i want (alpha, richard, joshua)

Gators stats have been leaked? What are they?

Carl, Dwight, shiva, abe , zeke , 2x miraboobs, siqqid, erika, Tyress, all t3 80 except miraboob shiva and erika are t4 90
Enough to do 7 more 6*
Governor, Glenn, josua , x5 miraboobs are in waiting list.

Ascended 8. Could still do Mirabelle, Tyrese, Barker, I’m holding off on Joshua until I get more fodder.

This guy has spend like 20 k lol


I was thinking the same thing, a lot of money on nothing!

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10 fkn 6 stars and enough to do 7 more?? How in the hell you get so many damn medals??

3 completely maxed also, wtf!!!

How many crit weapons do you have, crafted and bought?

Only paid toon he mentioned is erika. You all jumped way too far in your conclusion.


12 6* all sitting at t3 lvl 80 with not enough gear to tier 5 any of them

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That gear didn’t come for free. Especially the t4.


Lol yeah

Haters are always going to hate

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15 missing just shane just need shitie 5s to use make last 5

Have 4 ready to ascend, 3 others almost ready. Enough medals for 3, enough fodder for 1. Waiting for a character that will make a difference for my teams.

Have 8 almost max T3 6*

On T3 - need all gear to move em up
Barker, Zeek, Negan (yellow), bewbs, Dwight (maxed)

Need benedicts for
Tyrese, Wyatt, 2nd bewbs

Waiting to be released
Red gov, green Glenn

Lost in fodder

Got 12 6*s. Max tier 3 80.

Wyatt, Tyrease Level 80 and waiting
Joshua tier 4 Level 1

Gov, Eugene, Glenn, Kal All max waiting for release.

Have enough medals for 3

2 Benedicts/fodder…in desperate need.

Would not spend as ascendence is halting me.