How Many times have you gotten a YGL since Update

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Its 24h there nonstop


I was able to get it back several times last weekend, but it has been MIA for the past 3 days now with constantly completing and aborting missions.


Twice during the faction level up last weekend, then disappeared for 4 days. Then back once yesterday. Not anywhere in the mission list at this point (4 other prestige missions are, all in cooldown).


On my third one on three profiles, ranging in scavenger camp max level of 16 to 20. I do have to abort & coin it back up, but not near like it was lately.


Thank you for making this post!

I’ve had a couple PMs about people not being able to trigger them. Glad to hear it’s not the majority.

Not entirely sure how often someone should be triggering them.

That being said, it’s something we want to take a look at now that we have more time for improvements.


Double for both level ups, I see a noticeable improvement.


Names redacted, but honestly just a convo in Line.

21:18 Kero Yeah, might get another scavenge out of it as well, I have no time, that is honestly all my points is scavenges.
21:19 Some other dude Yes, finally scopely improve this scavenger mission, i got twice in last two day


It’s likely because there was always a frequency of completion modifier. I suspect they will need to wait for the first occurrence then perhaps it’ll be more frequent.


I guess one trick is to trigger all your missions then YGL pops up. Just abort them.


I had ygl 4 times during the faction level up, this level up, nothing :frowning:️


2 this level up. Though haven’t played as often.

I skip all “red” and orange (except gold givers).


I used to have ygl always there I was coining that at least 8-10 times every time I wanted a solo but after the update I didn’t see that scav mission again…thanks scopely


most of the people having issues did not read what they were supposed to do. it’s just easier to shake their fist and say f u scopely then realize they aren’t doing it right :o


just got it a few mins ago for the 1st time in a good while


I wonder how many people who aren’t getting the mission are actually cycling off the missions they do have and not leaving missions pending completion in other camps. This does make a difference with what is offered to you. Not to mention what level camp and completion of gold missions the individuals have. With having level 20 across the board, I have seen one on timer either immediately after every completion or immediately after cycling off the available missions. And this is not to mention the other XP mission being readily available quite often as well. It would be nice to see a bigger XP mission than 100k with these new 6* characters and the increased amount of experience required to level them up to max.


All my camps are lvl 20 and I already did 15 golden scav missions , still nothing :slight_smile:


I haven’t seen it yet … I’ve been doing mission after mission and abort haven’t seen anything


I am cycling the mission as i always do ,but i got no YGL missions since the last friday update.NONE. The same missions are looping agian and again


If you’re not getting YGL then do complain - I get it 3 times each lvl up (sometimes coins needed to rush) it is very handy. I have done all the gold missions. I also clear the stack and do all missions.