How many supply mark--- errr, Year3 Tokens are you left with?


Anyone with more than 40 or so is gonna be mad after this weekend, amirite?


I only need 10 more Y3 tokens for another pull


Sitting at 35, after war I expect to get 60 depot points


I’m at 50


If I remember correctly, I believe they said it would be 100 supply points per token, so 1k points for 10, so you would get 6k


Not happy im gonna have 30 tokens left but 3 k points is better then 30 hope this is tru


Yeah it’s true, it was said in a message in the start of the event


That’s a joke 100 per token I get way more after war when I open my crates


Could be worse. Could be 1 per.


That’s true haha


Let’s hope they are in war this weekend. I’m 20 away


I’m 85 away so I know I’m not getting a other pull


The deals are stupid most of the time for them tokens stop putting prices on battle items to Jack up prices just give me a straight up deal for tokens


I can’t complain just wish they’d put more ascendables in depot or at least 2 or 3 more slots for the tunes not locked behind a pay 800 dollars for prestige points


Woohoo I got 85 fml


65 3y tokens


I had 80, just bought 2 premium packs to try get to 100… Got to 95 fml


I have 80. I would consider an offer to get the 20 but not sure I want another Conner or Abe. 3 of each is enough.


85… Will they be given out in CRW??? Or I’m forced to spend if I want another 5* zeke or something


no fifth pull for me same goes for wd tokens stop giving them like 425 or 105 that was totally retarded