How Many Spaces Are in Your Roster Slots


how many spaces do you have? did anybody actually spend coins to upgrade the roster space?

i have to thank scopely to start giving out ascendable toons, thank you, but now i’m running out of space, and it made me wonder if giving out ascendable toons is just a way to force me to spend more money and coins on trainers and items and roster spaces…

still, thanks for the free ascendable toons though.


336/290, no point in buying roster slots for me. Even I did, I’m rarely under capacity due to constantly getting trainers. I’ve seen some faction mates have over 1000 toons past their limit. Thankfully Scopely allowed us go toggle the character capacity pop-up.


I have 380 that’s max unless you bought them all up when they 1st went on sale in 2016


380 and am almost always over saving future ascendables, and trainers. Wish they would increase it considerably and allow for more team slots.


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Needs serious attention @JB.Scopely


They do not care about this it makes them no money



Eh I just know it’s somewhere around there…

Edit: I just checked, I’m sitting at 137/310


Why would you put 1 tg at over 800 days game may not be around by than


You have much to learn.


I burn up stuff like crazy I’m not looking years in the future or even months in the future it does me no good sitting on stuff unless I’m planning to take 1st in level up


If you have over 1k toons on your roster that’s your own felt


Someone suggested to make trainers stack, that might be the best solution to roster space problem


That could work get rid of 1 of this worthless workshops I don’t need 3 of them


Or how about like a photo album you can put toons in 1 of each toon


380 is Max atm that you can buy.


damn just damn


are those 1* or 2*s?


0x 4*, Lilith, Ulysses and I’m always full



I have 330 slots but the majority are 6s and 5s. I think I can load up on 100 additional toons after the 5s and 6s


2* Uncommons