How many saw the 50% more coins offer last week?


and how many got it?

Back in the old 5* war days, a 20% Coin bonus offer was standard. After 6* the coin offers became more scarce, and I saw a few 10% and 15%.

Was fairly shocked to see a 50% bonus coin (something we used to ask for 2 years ago for those who used to coin)

But when I looked at that offer, and it was “limited time only!” then disappeared, and re-appeared again with a new time limit… it felt. desperate?

My POV is obviously biased being on a region where 99% of P13 only play casual or not at all. Very few $$ actives left.


Limited time meant it’s for that day only in multiple time frames. Typical gotcha bait trap. But I would say you could file that as false advertising to Apple/google. Since the wording is just simply obsurd.


Well I can say that that day revenue was blooming so it can be said that people swallowed bait with fisherman.


And possibly neighbour with his dog, whales tend to collect all junk from sea.


Saw it a bunch of times…and ignored it every time.


Shame there wasn’t anything worth spending the coins on.
Jelly wasout at the time. He’s cool but not worth the cash for most.

Gators stash board ended up a mess imo and way overpriced with the 90 opens.


I think they do that intentionally. The want us to spend and buy coins on events, and then not have enough for the premiums, so buy more coins when you “need” them and not on sale.

Anyways, I held off and if it doesn’t look like that 50% offer will be coming back soon? Or not? who knows but it made me shake my head and remember the good ole days :wink:


Well, Erika did pop up as the “2 times chance” character in Premier the day after.