How many pulls did you do for Wayland?

I’m just kidding, y’all better stand in solidarity with the movement. #playersunited #fixrts. Divided we will fall. This is the first true test, hold strong



Correct me if I’m wrong, but #PlayersUnited isn’t about not pulling, it’s about not spending. One does not always neccesitate the other



Ned Stark > roose Bolton




What’s waylands card

Might as well be a Benny for me… but I think he’s a green payback.

Just spent 400 haha

wayland not out for me
was gonna sink a couple of grand for him

wait I’m not a whale lol
gimme 10 years, collecting Google reward cash

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I only did 9000 :confused:

Wayland is garbage with that specialist due to his low HP and high defense.

Gonna be way harder getting him to activate, compared to negan who has nearly 3k base health


Hmmmm if I’m not mistaken, is easier to activate with the low HP. For example, Zach doesn’t activate negan, but he will activate wayland.

But screw wayland.

The high def is the problem with wayland, people wont be hitting him hard enough to trigger payback as often as negan with only 1200 def

Wayland is an attack character, imo. Negan (i.e, alerts, i.e., current defense meta) will target him, eventually with AR, triggering his payback.

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Heated Strike

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It should mean no pulling bc all your doing is encouraging this bs additions like payback … Payback and the mias and elles have no place in this game. Those type skills are just ridiculous and meta breaking. These toons are what really brought everyone together.


Payback elle etc just brought us back to the same boring yellow lydia and green gabe meta of boring time consuming raid.s.

Scopley is like the foolish tv shows that bring so much good stuff in season 1 and 2 that they run out of realistic content for future seasons so it ends up just being more off the wall stuff until people are just like naw im good …

Theres no reasom there should be 6 to 10 new pr toons that one up each other each month

If your gonna release prs like that it needs to be more about ok green toon later on similar toon but blue or yellow version… Sprinkle in a suppo.rt toon or a great pve toon bc if they added more content we would need more pve type toons etc

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Only spent on 1 pull bc I had the coin and… i got all 4 star . Watch out i got me a new 4*! Wait no they are completely useless.

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Lmfao I see what you did there

Yes if you already have the coins then scopely made there profit so there’s no harm in using them. Just like anything else you have.

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1 pull lol free