How many pulls before you got 6* OP Alice?


Mod him up and hit some reds. Your opinion will change quick


Attacking reds has never been an issue. I quit anyway so no chance in trying him out


There isn’t a Carl/kal/kal + 4* that is beating the Gabe/Lydia/jesus teams I see on the regular. Stun don’t help dick when you have 65-70% stun resists blocking that shit. Plus, 4/5 chars with ab def blocking 50% of your hits.


Red green huge ap lead seems like money against lydia teams. Bruce, alpha, kal and green def are also super easy with Madison lead


No actual money spent, but about 3 weeks of league coins + a few leveling bonuses. 2 10s and a few singles and nothing to show but some supply points and 1 repeat 5 star.

Hardly glamorous I know, but worth sharing to remind people that your odds are garbage and you shouldn’t be tricked into thinking otherwise by seeing other people’s success.


Thts why i stopped pulling, rather use coins for war and to hit milestones.


To be fair that statement is as believable as your f2p status :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::joy::joy:


Are you questioning his f2p* status?

*terms and conditions apply


Scopely: “Keep those pulls coming! Don’t stop! :money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face:


I think he knows I’m just messing with him lol him and my buddy pornstar go back and forth on line about who’s more f2p :joy:


2 Big pulls 2 10 pulls, 96 4 stars and 4 5 stars :slight_smile: and no alice azarrbKw_700w_0


2 big pulls, 3 10 pulls, 1 big pull, 3 singles, 1 10 pull, 2 big pulls, 4 singles, 2 10 pulls, 3 singles, 3 big pulls … will try again later.


Wow man you are truly slow :joy::joy::joy:


That’s cray she isnt worth $1500


i been saving league coins on an alt did 3 10 pulls and only 1 non ascendable 5*, not dissapointed because i didnt expect anything


Where do u work at to be able to piss away money like that… i wanna work there?:joy:


It took me about ten, but it was an SC pull in one of my level 2 or 3 regions.


I hope your being funny if not you may need to join a spenders anonymous club that will help with this


Good luck, post here when you finally get her


Got her on a 10.

After a bunch of previous pulls LMAO