How many pulls before you got 6* OP Alice?


Hahaha so correct.

Look a screenshot. Just a 10 pull. After the 10 other 10 pulls.


I’m trying to clear up my confusion. A round 2 alpha with decap isnt useful? Shiva? You can even make an argument for Eugene or Lacerator Rick against tanky teams. I fear you may not be using your roster to its full capabilities


Takin a guess of this toon. As I’ve used her on negan. I can see it working but not sure how quickly you get through which is obviously key in war. I have 2 I’m going to level and see how it works out.


An I the only one who thinks her 5* version looks as if she works at Target, even her fanny pack lol.


Could be… it’s a creative strategy. A lacerator would really help out.


4 stars? This i’d like to see a video of.Or did you mean 5 stars?




survivors club pull, i literally have the worst luck with pulls…this is a shocker.


I did one single pull and got three Alices. True story! I took a screenshot, but my dog erased it by accident.


I didn’t even have to do a single pull. I just messaged scopely support telling them i really wanted her, and they sent me an Alice for free. True Story


I did a ten and a large yesterday, no luck. Decided she wasn’t meant to be.

Woke up this morning, watched your video, it convinced me to do another 10 pull. Got her :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


1 big pull


You’re welcome. And scopely you’re welcome as well, just made yall another $30. When do i get featured on your twitter feed?


Got her on a 10 pull! I never get premiers so this is a huge shock to me. Best part is that I only use Tapjoy coins so this is ‘free’!


I called it quits the day Alice was released :slight_smile:


2 max pulls and 2 10 pulls and she didnt drop



And not a single ascendable toon?



I pulled this Alice :wink:
Edit: (40 pulls and pushes)


I got blue Konrad its meh