How many pulls before you got 6* OP Alice?


Because the speciality stacks , no need for attack , the 4* has damage over time which stacks each round. I’m going to show the guy the video. You can on your line too. I’ll show both of you tonight after work.


Plus I already gave you his team and hint about the 4*. There’s only one 4* with the description I provided.


Yeah, I get that. I just don’t believe in using a leader unless “attack” in is their description. Maybe I am a noob.

I have team mates that use Carl on attack lead, I just don’t get it.


I guess it can work. Creative. I’m not up to speed on my four stars but I’ll look. Regardless this is a very slow attack but kudos to the creativity.


King of Forum comments as well


I heard about people beating premier teams with all 2* toons. They might not have their accounts any longer… but, it happened :grinning::joy:


#f2pchallenge it’s a horrible decision to use 4* btw anyone using 4*s is just doing it to show off has to be.


If f2p players destroy p2w players (using 4 stars even). Then why do the CRWs turn out the way they do? Why are their so many threads on forums complaining about revives, OP toons, the current Meta ect? :thinking:


It’s onviously not a fast method. He’s using a defensive lead and kal to shield the four stars so they can burn and bleed the toons out


I don’t think Alice is a real big improvement over Madison. For Madison+Hershel owners, she seems wholly unnecessary and useful only vs melee. Madison is useful vs everyone. I got cam and she isn’t a real improvement over f2p yellow rick. I am dissappointed in the outcome.


I think it comes down to the excuse of we coin.


Shes in 5*tokens, dude. Get her attk up over 3k, put her under abe, pop a heath buff. BOOM. Buh-bye designer team. Its really quite simple.


OMG, I LOVE Camila the Killa!!! I think she is awesome


Lmao 100% correct as usual Kodak


Lmao, you don’t have bruce or shiva or alpha or dante do ya?


I got her in 34 big pulls

Note: I have adjusted my actual amount to account for all the people claiming to have gotten her in “One ten or single” pulls


I have all of those but Dante. Dante isn’t very useful on attack imo and kinda a wet noodle on defense. Alice being an attack lead doesn’t offer much over what Madi+ Hersh do. Hersh gives focus and attack boost plus his gaurdian prevents me from dying , Madi the lead skill to all toons. I see minimal gain that Alice gives to that combo that isn’t complete overkill.


Why is everyone focused on her being an attack team lead?

Wait for the red/yellow 40% def/hp lead, put her behind them, and tell me she isn’t OP af.


You said Camila isn’t really an improvement over fast rick…HOW? How does fast rick help a single Strong Toon?


He doesn’t, but Bruce and Kal being the only really useful greens to me don’t need his lead skill anyway. Not sure why you wanna make an argument out of an opinion.